Past Meetup

Sunday Social and Workshop What is YOUR body saying? Workshop Body Language!


What is YOUR body saying? Do you ever wonder why you are not asked to dance? Ever wonder why people don't come up to talk to you and yet they flock to socialize with others?

You know you are a good person and you have something to say! You know that you are warm and friendly but why are't people talking to you? Why aren't the ladies checking you out guys? Girls, the guys stay away like you have the plague?

Well, sometimes it is not what you say. Sometimes it is not what you DON'Tsay! Sometimes it is what your body is saying that YOU are not even concious of!

Are you missing some clues when dating? Ever wonder why you make bad choices? Catching those little clues could save you some serious heart ache OR help you pick up on someone great!

Many times, it is not what a person says, either with their body or their mouth, it is what they DON'T say! It is OUR job, each and every one of us, to hone all our skills so that we will make wise and healthy choices in our friendships, business relationships and romantic relationships.

We are looking for several people to help us stage skits as examples of body language. We will be giving the volunteers assignments of negative and positive body language. We will have a couple of settings and scenarios that will be played out to get the points across.

Would YOU like to help us in a skit? Please write to [masked] to volunteer. We need about 8 people.

Fena has studied several books, written by retired CIA agent and one by a top FBI BAU teacher/profiler. You can't imagine what there is to learn about someone in just the way that they shift their eyes, hold a muscle in their face or the tilt of their head. These behaviours are called "tells". Fena will have pictures and examples of the behaviours that she feels will help each of you in the dating, friendship and romance.

So come out and join us and get clued in on what you don't know and should know about body language.