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NOTE 1: This is NOT a support group for autistic people or parents of autistic children. This is a group for autistic people/people with NVLD 18 AND OLDER.

NOTE 2: NO PROXY JOINING. That is, no joining on someone else's behalf. That person needs to have their own Meetup account and join on their own.

ABOUT: Here's the scenario: You are on the autism spectrum or perhaps have Nonverbal Learning Disability. You go to an Asperger's Meetup/social group to find like-minded people, and you find that you're... alone. You're too Aspie for the neurotypical world, but also too neurotypical for the Asperger's world (or if you have NVLD, perhaps you can't find a group for you). In fact, some people don't even believe you when you tell them that you are on the spectrum! In these Aspie groups that you've tried, you hope that you can let your sarcastic wit fly without people getting upset and offended, only to find out that most of the others don't understand sarcasm. Your natural impulse is to talk using metaphor, but almost everyone else is extremely literal. You talk about how Aspies often get caught with their pants down, but others in the group think you meant that their pants literally fall down. Let's face it: no matter what, you're on a different existential plane than NTs AND even most ASPIES. For these reasons and more, I have decided to start a Meetup group for "fringe" Aspies like myself. This group is also perfect for people with the similar condition of Nonverbal Learning Disability, which some professionals argue is part of the autism spectrum.

I originally wanted to do a women's only group, since women with Asperger's tend to present in the way I've just described. In fact, many of these Aspie groups consist of mostly men! However, I want to be trans-inclusive, and saying "Transgender women welcome" is not enough: What about genderqueer people and even some men who present in the same way? I suspect that this group will consist mostly of women, but people of all genders are welcome. This group is LGBTQIA+ inclusive, and I want everyone to feel comfortable.

This group is mostly geared towards people in their 20s and 30s (I'm 37), but all adults are welcome.

So what will we do? We'll get together and hang out: go out to dinner, go out on picnics, go to the pool, the zoo, the science museum... suggestions are welcome!

So let's get the ball rolling! And if you have no trouble with expressions like "get the ball rolling", you are likely in the correct group.

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