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Our goal is to help you live a happy life, which should be everyone’s birthright and should not be a struggle. Unfortunately today’s life has become complex with mounting pressure and stress from job, relationship, heavy social media influence and more. We have everything we need but still we are not happy. Our mind is constantly chasing objects of happiness - be it as trivial as a text message from someone or browsing Facebook or shopping or checking emails, often not even knowing why we are doing what we are doing. How do we live a life that has a purpose? How do we feel fulfilled and contended? That is where we want to help.

The first thing that one needs is an open mind and a sincere desire to learn. Are you open? Today the world has become a small place, we accept good things from all cultures but when it comes to knowledge about LIFE we are not always open. Either we want to hold on to our beliefs or we like the “idea of who we are” - “I am a talkative person” or “I am an angry person”...whatever it might be. To transform our lives we need the space of openness that allows us to “check out” a new idea with an unbiased mind. Are you ready?

Being happy and fulfilled could mean different things to different people. Self Transformation is a journey, and everyone has their own exciting path. You can only start from where you are right now. Let’s say one of your key aspirations right now is to get over the addiction of smoking, then that is where you start. If one of your key needs right now is to get a good sleep so you can live a fulfilling day, then that is your start. If you need to be able to focus better when you want to, so that you are more successful at work, then that is your start. If you achieve “this”, you will be happy. As you become happy, Life will bring additional goals in front of you - now you have quit smoking so maybe now your goal is to get fitness in your life or if you are able to focus, then how do you now use that to create better professional success? Life keeps evolving, we just need to allow it to blossom.

Now why do you need us in all of these? Fair question. If you look at what is the one common trait that holds us back, it is our own mind. Whether it is our inability to quit smoking or our inability to focus when we need to on what we need to or our ability to sleep when we want - the issue is with the mind. All our lives everyone has taught us “what we should do” but no one teaches “how”. Yes I know we should not be jealous or angry or we should not get into troubled relationships, but HOW? No body teaches how to deal with the mind and emotions. Our mind controls our lives, and we are slaves to thoughts and emotions. Self Transformation and being happy is to get the control back. That is where we come in.

Why Frisco Meditation Club? Well, we bring in tested techniques from the east where the science of the inner dynamics of a human being were explored thousands of years ago. When the entire world was exploring survival, in the east they were sitting in meditation and trying to explore the inner world. These techniques are so relevant today that millions are benefiting from them. Yoga is not an impossible posture, Yoga is something that takes you into the inner realms of your mind and emotions and gets you in touch with your core. From there, you look at your mind and you say “Oh, so this is why I behaved this way all these years”. Yoga gives you the ability to see yourself as different from your thoughts and emotions. That, is the true essence of Self Transformation. One cannot get into a path of Self Transformation merely with information. Why? Because information becomes thoughts in our mind, and you cannot fight one thought with another. We have done this our entire lives, and we keep trying this though it doesn’t work. This is the big illusory cycle of MAYA as they say it in the east, this keeps us entangled and does not let us live a life of fulfillment.

How does this work? It is simple and here are the steps:

Step 1: Getting Started: You attend one of our workshops, we explain how to meditate, what are the myths that you should avoid, and then take you through a guided meditation. We also teach you how to meditate at home and provide you with techniques that help you easily get into meditation. We have three levels of meditation and you start at Level 1.

Step 2: Settling into the practice: You practice at home and evaluate if its working for you. If you have questions or you are having difficulty meditating, you can come back to our class or you can schedule an online 15-30 mins free consultation with us. We have different ways to help you if are unable to meditate, including recommending tested practices and courses from different organizations that help people get into meditation effortlessly

Step 3: Evolving: If the practice is working and your initial set of goals and objectives are met, you may consider deepening your practice. What does this do? This provides you with additional clarity on your thoughts, emotions and gives you even deeper rest. You may now progress to Level 2 meditations and take a deeper look at the science and intricacies of mind and emotions

Step 4: Deepening the practice: If you are comfortable in Level 2, you would be feeling very fulfilled and you would have a natural urge to deepen your practice. At this time we will move you to Level 3 meditations and knowledge. A combination of the two might bring about a significant transformation in your life. Depending upon the individual, we might also recommend certain programs or courses that takes you into Silence, or non-duality practices, if those are helpful and work for you. The idea is NOT to overwhelm you with content but to un-clutter your mind so you can see clearly

Step 5: Become a Teacher: The best thing you can do now is to give back the gift that was gifted to you. If you are interested, we can help you become a Teacher and work with us to continue taking this gift to many

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