What we're about

This group is devoted to photographers who want to know how to go from a Joe to a Pro, featuring beautiful models and studio lighting equipment. Whether you want to shoot models, kids, bridals or families, this group is for you. We provide all the lighting equipment and models, you just show up with your camera, lens and memory card, then soak up everything.

*** Warning Before Joining ***

On many shoots we will use makeup artists, hair and wardrobe stylists. This means that you might need to be patient sometimes because even though we intend to start at the time listed for the event, traffic/hair/makeup can cause unexpected delays. If you are very picky about starting exactly on time or are looking for a perfectly organized event, this group might not be right for you since we do this for fun and to socialize with local photographers/talent. Sometimes things go wrong and we hope you are patient with us :)

For professionals who are really experienced, you are totally welcome to come, but this group is more for beginner to intermediate photographers..

*** Photography Group, Not Workshops ***

Keep in mind, I don't like to call these "Workshops", as we associate workshops with seasoned full-time professionals teaching a structured course. This is just a group to get together and shoot beautiful content and socialize/share tips, and if this is new to you, you'll be sure to learn something new at every event. This will help to curb bad habits that might take you years to figure out on your own.

*** Our Portfolio ***

Check out the photos from part meetups to see the work of our members and see if this group is of interest to you.

*** What To Expect ***

Our groups are structured so that we meet and have a model who is either driving from getting their hair and makeup done or we have a hair and makeup artist on the shoot. Once they arrive and we get the outfits picked out, we'll go over what we are shooting, and explain the lighting setup we are using and why. The organizer will then do some test shots for the lighting, and show you the result and what settings were used. After the lighting is tested, we start with letting each photographer shoot for 2-5 minutes, then pass the lighting trigger back to the next person, then rotate until we change the model's outfit or background/lighting setup. We usually shoot three rounds.

*** Content ***

For photographers who like to shoot pretty models but have found that many of your shoots are glamour shoots, making most of the shots not usable in your portfolios to your general clients such as families, brides, portraits, etc.--our group offers a different approach. We still hire many times glamour models, because let's face it, they are gorgeous, but try to tailor the shoots to more fashion or artistic styles, vs. risque. We do cross post with other meet up groups that offer more risque content from time to time.This enables you to still build up your professional portfolio with pretty people, and impress all your clients no matter who they are.

*** Days We Shoot ***

Meetups vary each week, and are weeknights and Saturdays. If weather permits we try and go outside as much as possible (above 60 degrees!).

*** Post Processing ***

We recommend shooting in RAW for best adjustments. For skin we use an action called Mama's Powder, and Topaz Adjust to make our images pop.

*** Who We Are ***

Please note that we are not professional photographers for our day jobs, but feel we have learned enough to help others to get better results. Any comments or tips welcome. If you are unhappy with anything during a shoot, please tell us ASAP and we'll bend over backwards to make you happy!

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