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Are you looking to get fit and healthy?
Look no further!!!

'From Now To Fit' is a program designed to help you get fit/healthy and stay that way. It doesn't matter where you are starting from or what your experience and current fitness level is. Being fit and healthy is not a "one size fits all." What is needed to be truly successful and lasting, is a program that takes into account each individual's uniqueness. We don't all like the same exercises. We may not like the same type of foods. Our schedules are different and we have different starting points. How can any one program be perfect for everyone, if we are all different? Pretty simple, it can't be!

"From Now To Fit" takes all of this into consideration. Finally a program and a long term lifestyle solution that is tailored for your specific needs and goals instead of the standard "pre-designed out-of-the-box" program.

"One size" doesn't fit all. "From Now 2 Fit" is Designed to Fit You

Different classes and meetups will focus on Fitness, Stretching, Diet, and your Mental Fitness (now that I know what to do, how do I make myself do it?). If we have to do cardio and strength training for the rest of our lives at the very least it should be fun. As an example, dance is fun and a great platform to combine strength, cardio, and flexibility training. Who doesn't like to dance, and everyone can do it! Dance is one of many platforms we use in "From Now To Fit" as an alternative base to what is available in many standard fitness programs.

"From Now To Fit" is a full lifestyle approach where you will learn, laugh, and change your body into fit and healthy as the weeks progress. The basic aspects of the program are the following:

All aspects of living a healthy lifestyle are addressed; food, exercise, and mental fitness.

Everyone who joins will have a unique plan based on their starting fitness level, passion, history, and goals.

You can’t become an expert over a weekend, a month, etc. We take it one step at a time. You can succeed in an individuallytailored program that gets you finally and permanently "From Now To Fit."

All meetups are free so come out and join the fun, meet new people, and get fit while doing so!

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