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From Pitch to Publication aims to help unpublished and published authors alike, relating to obtaining an agent, self-publishing, writing and marketing your work.

The group will be overseen by Richard Foreman. Richard worked for a number of years as a publicist and literary consultant for several bestselling writers, including Simon Sebag-Montefiore, William Dalrymple and Kate Williams. Richard has also worked as a publisher and is a bestselling historical novelist.

The group will meet once a month, on a Saturday, at the Huntsman and Hound Pub in South-East London. We have reserved the entire pub in order to foster a safe and intimate atmosphere.


Our first meet-up will be 10th March 2018, at 11.30am. I'll be attending also - please feel free to send me any questions, or come and say hello on the actual day.

We will be inviting guest speakers - authors, agents and other people from the trade - but the focus of each meet-up will be for writers to meet each other and also create a forum where members can ask questions from experts and talk about their work.

After each session Richard will run a surgery where he can provide advice related to your particular needs - and there will be further scope for writers to have a chat and drink with one another.

We hope that the group will be rewarding for both published and unpublished authors. In order to provide some focus to the group however, and to utilise our contacts and advice, we will be specialising in the following genres: crime/thrillers, historical fiction, literary fiction, romance and contemporary fiction.

The intention for the first meeting is for members to meet one another, to ask what you would like from the group and to find out which stage you are at in regards to your work.

There will be no charge for group membership. Richard is also the director of Author Enterprises and can offer a £100 discount on publishing and promoting your book.

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Hunstman & Hounds

From Pitch to Publication: First Official Meeting

Hunstman & Hounds

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