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= Welcome to the SHIFT Community =

Our intention is to create a safe, support environment of learning, sharing, connecting, exploring, collaborating, and discussing together what we believe to be meaningful, while building a sense of ongoing supportive community with others who share our values and vision, and helping one another move in the direction of optimal wellbeing.

Deepen your connection with yourself and others while increasing self-awareness and understanding of people in general, developing more empowering habits, creating positive changes in your life, learning hacks and tools to expedite your journey, and ultimately live a more conscious, happy, empowered and fulfilled life.

Dare to envision a life you love, and believe you can achieve it... then act! Because there is no time better than now to go after what you want. "Ready" is a myth!

Sharing the journey with other people of action and like-minds--with multiple experiences, ideas, perspectives--and with the odd, gentle nudge of encouragement, we can glide miles further!

We offer a series of themed, curated, low-cost discussions, educational seminars, workshops, and retreats with some of the areas hottest experts on topics relating to transformation, entrepreneurship, personal development, and mind-body-spirit health & well-being.

= Why the focus on community building? =

Human beings thrive within the context of nurturing, supportive community, wherein the lived experience is an overall sense of belonging, acceptance, safety and wellbeing.

Prolonged periods of isolation or relationship/social dysfunction are associated with increasing depression, anxiety, and overall dissatisfaction with life. Yet few in today's world experience being part of a true, consistent, ongoing community throughout their lifetimes. Many rarely (or never) experience it at all. So is it any wonder that reports of depression, mental illness, and stress-related diseases are on the rise?

This is why people are motivated to join Meetup groups, go to workshops, attend conferences, etc: To meet and bond with others on a regular basis... to build relationships, expand their networks, and create a sense of community... to feel as though they are a part of something... to do or learn something meaningful in community with others who find it equally meaningful.

What motivates and inspires? In one way or another, our biggest motivators are always associated with other people... even the desire for money, status, or power.

We are inspired by other people's stories, examples, energy, wisdom, and creations.

We are empowered when we recognize the value of our own stories, actions, ways of being, energy, wisdom, and offerings in the broader context of the world, and recognize the real and potential impact we have upon the people around us.

We are uplifted when we are nestled in a community of symbiotic, mutualistic relationships.



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Suzanne Wordes, creator ofThe Self-Befriending Habit™, is an Integrative Health professional, coach, group facilitator, and transformative speaker. Along with a Masters Degree in Integrative Health Studies, she has earned graduate certificates in Integrative Health Coaching, Wellness Management, and Transformative Imagery from the California Institute of Health Studies. Her calling is to be a beacon for those seeking a path towards wholeness and well-being, and to be a catalyst for positive change in the lives of all who cross her path.

For more information, go to http://www.SuzanneWordes.com


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