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we tend to be impatient, and lost in the past or in the future instead of being present. We also tend to resist or react to things by denying, commenting, or judging them rather than being receptive and trying to understand them. This reaction creates more stress.

Events on this Meetup group are run Social Shortcuts, we offer one to one social skills coaching as well as the group workshops posted here including a free one to one trial session. For more information or to book a free trial session visit our website

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Social skills coaching and social skills courses.

This is a group for anyone who is interested in changing their lives inside and out. There will be workshops/meetings and training sessions to inspire you to make healthy changes in your life Through Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence we can Reduce our Stress ANXIETY.

• Learn how to become emotionally intelligent so you can deal with this busy world in a calm way.

• Learn how the behaviours we adopt effect our Life

• Learn how to calm anxiety and your Mind.

Most of us find life stressful at times, particularly when afflicted by illness or faced with difficulties.

If the pressure on our lungs would not be in conflict with the pressure outside our bodies, it would be impossible for us to breath in. Being alive biologically is a result of "conflict" that arrises between pressure, concentrations of salts, or electrical charges in our bodies and the list can go on.

On the other side, there will be no progress or growth without conflict.

The ability to handle conflict is a measure of the level of happiness that we can bring into our lives.

There are four ways of establishing mindfulness which explore four different aspects of life experiences:

1) Body (or physical aspect).

One establishes mindfulness by being aware of:

-Body postures (sitting, standing, walking, lying).

-Physical activities/movements: bending, stretching, reaching, stepping, holding an object, putting on clothes etc.

-Physical sensations within the body.

-The breath: being aware of its nature (in or out, long or short, the motion, pressure, tingling, warmth etc.)

A direct way to experience physical sensations is to be aware of reality, the elemental nature: texture (hard or soft, rough or smooth, light or heavy), temperature (warm or cool), dynamics (motion, vibration, or tension/pressure) and cohesiveness or fluidity (which is usually too subtle to directly experience). This differs from the usual concept of “my body” as a generalized form or shape which is to be kept in the background in formal practice. These four kinds of manifestation are traditionally known as the earth, fire, air (wind), and water elements.

2) Feeling tone.

Not to be misunderstood as emotion or sensation (which it is sometimes translated), it actually is the mindful awareness of the three feeling tones (impressions or qualities) that is associated with all physical or mental experience: pleasant (agreeable), unpleasant (disagreeable), or neutral. One notices that there is simply pleasantness, unpleasantness (physical or mental) or neither present in this moment.

3) Mind:

Mindful awareness of consciousness and mental states/emotions/thoughts.

4) Phenomena (Mental objects/contents):

Mindful awareness of phenomena, things that we experience at our sense doors, including "the mind's door": the dynamic functions and relationships of consciousness, mental states and thoughts.

With respect to the last two, there are overlaps between mind and mental objects and any object that does not fit in the first three would belong to the fourth one. Therefore, to simplify, 3) and 4) could be considered together as mindfulness of the mind. This involves non-judging awareness of (and objectively observing how they are manifesting):

- thoughts (thinking, reflecting, remembering, planning, etc.),

- mental states and emotions (sadness/joy, fear/hope, aversion/appreciation, anger/love, confusion/clarity, drowsiness/agitation etc.) or

- consciousness itself (the container for the above, just as a clear glass holding water or yellow juice... and is colored by them).

It also includes the observation of specific mental qualities or effects such as the hindrances (difficulties) of the practice, awakening (insight/enlightenment) factors and the sense door experiences (seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, touching etc.) - including the mind's reaction to them. We can also see how we are caught in these experiences, thus being able to free ourselves from them.


We normally identify with the conceptual aspect of life. This conventional reality of names and forms: "I am a student", "my knee hurts", "I am angry" etc. It can be useful for functioning in the world although it is quite often colored/distorted by our biases, prejudice, past experiences (positive or negative) or by misunderstanding, overlook or ignorance.

In mindfulness practice, one keeps the "concept" (conceptual reality) in the background and pays more attention to the true nature or "ultimate reality" of all phenomena (what one directly experiences in the moment without interpreting or referring to past knowledge). Instead of "my knee hurts" (concept) one feels the reality of pressure, tension or heat at the knee (first foundation) or physical unpleasantness (second foundation) or aversion to it (third/fourth foundation). Instead of "I am angry" (concept), one experiences this emotion or mental state simply as anger (third/fourth foundation), or mental unpleasantness (second foundation) or the associated heat or tightness (first foundation). One does not identify with these experiences as being me, mine or myself but objectively observe them in order to understand their true nature, just like looking at clouds in the vast sky, like a scientist observing an experiment without bias.

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How To Create Deeper Conversation And Build Rapport Workshop - Online Workshop

Do you want connect with people on a deeper level rather than just small talk?

Do you want to learn to build rapport with anyone quickly?

Do you want to learn some more advanced techniques for conversation?

If you answered yes to any of these then this workshop run is for you!

This workshop will go through ways to create deeper conversation and connection with people and clever ways to build rapport quickly. It will give you the tools to make sure your conversations are more than just meaningless chit chat.

Please follow the link below to purchase a ticket:


Just £5 per ticket.

The workshop will be held online via zoom. You will be sent a link to the email address you used to buy a ticket on the day of the event.

One-to-One Coaching: Transform Your Life.

Online event

[Please ignore the time on this event. We can arrange a time to suit you].

Hi everyone!

It's Sean here.

Have you ever thought about receiving coaching? For any kind of life problem: creative ambition, relationship, work, career, health, etc.? Is there anything at all you're stuck with?

I'm currently training as a transformational coach with Animas: a renowned coaching institution, accredited by the ICF in coach education.

My journey to coaching began 6 years ago with my own personal fear of meetings, presentations, and public speaking. After years of therapy, local support groups, and endless meandering thoughts, I finally sought out coaching. From there, I quickly began hosting workshops, building communities, speaking publicly, and organising huge social events. Clichéd as it sounds: precisely when I thought nothing could work, my life was transformed.

If you have any component of your life you'd like to transform, I'd love to arrange a free 15-minute phone call to establish whether you think I can help you and if you'd like to receive coaching from me in the coming weeks or months.

The phone call is free. Thereafter, my rates are only £25 per hour (as opposed to the £60 to £150+ that coaches usually charge, and which I'll be charging once I've completed my diploma). So this is an excellent opportunity to transform your life at a tiny fraction of the cost.

A little more about the coaching I can offer:

Coaching provides a non-judgmental, open, collaborative and confidential space between coach and client — focusing on the client’s own thoughts, challenges, outcomes and goals.

Transformational coaching (as taught at Animas, where I'm training) is a powerful way of exploring our personal beliefs and values and how these are shaping our experience of life, and our behaviours.

Coaching enables a journey of self-exploration which can give us greater self-awareness, and examine and reshape many areas of life.


What to do now?

Text me on[masked] and let me know if you'd like to arrange a free 15 minute call. Remember: no problem is too big or too small, and you have my sincere pledge of confidentiality.

In addition, it is important to note that: coaching is distinct from therapy and mentoring. You may find, after our phone call, that coaching isn't precisely what you're looking for.

Not to worry. We'll just have a short, friendly chat, with no obligation or expectation for you to take up the sessions if you don't feel like it.

Whoever you are, whatever you're struggling with, I can't wait to hear from you soon!

Warm regards,


Cognitive Behavioural Coaching - A FREE Taster Session (*CLICK THE LINK)

[You must RSVP at our website to attend this session: www.writeandpint.com/workshops].

Hi there!

If you'd like to learn a bit about coaching and gain some insight into any mental- or life blockages you might have, please feel free to join us for this one-off free group session.

Coaching is often something we practice one-to-one, but for this taster session, you'll get to hear about some of the strategies we use, and will get to partake in a small handful of simple exercises to help you dislodge some of the emotional blockages you might have regarding a situation of your choosing. This will be done in private, with a partner in a break-out room.

The aim of this session is to provide a 100% confidential space for anybody to come and benefit from tried-and-tested life coaching techniques in the cognitive behavioural tradition.

There will be no pressure to share your problems in front of the group, and we will not expect you to share anything at all, unless you feel comfortable doing so.

For a taster session like this, we only ask that you come committed to maintaining other peoples' confidentiality.

Whether it's a matter of anxiety, job-related issues, family or friendship problems, creative ambition, or anything else besides, we aim to provide a safe space for you to begin debunking negative beliefs and to move forward with greater energy and clarity towards your personal goals.

Please feel free to be in touch via text if you have any questions on:[masked].

Otherwise, please feel free to RSVP at our website: www.writeandpint.com/workshops (we will need you to do this, so that you'll be on our email list, when it comes to sending out the event invite).

Positivity And Overcoming Shyness In Social Situations - Online Workshop

Do you want to overcome shyness and have the confidence to interact in any social situation?

Do you want to boost your self esteem and think positively consistently?

Do you want to build emotional connection with people confidently?

If you answered yes to any of these then this workshop is for you!

In this interactive workshop we will go through ways to overcome nervousness in social situations along with how to build connection confidently with new people. We will give you exercises you can do on your own to help with this.


Please follow the link below to purchase a ticket:


Just £5 per ticket.

The workshop will be held online via zoom. You will be sent a link to the email address you used to buy a ticket on the day of the event.

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One-to-One Coaching: Transform Your Life.

Online event

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