Web Accessibility & Perf Matters

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2 King William Street

2 King William Street · Adelaide

How to find us

Walk to the right of the restaurant for access to the building, and travel upstairs to Level 1 for the teamgage offices.

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For our April meetup, let’s have a dive into how we can produce all-round better frontend code - from making our apps/websites/products accessible, to making them super-performant.

Big thanks to our sponsor; teamgage (@teamgage) for the venue + our usual drinks & light nibbles. Look forward to seeing you all there 👍


✨ Introduction to digital accessibility

What is accessibility and what should you do about it? We all have an impact on how the web is used. Currently the web is actively excluding people at a growing scale. Improving the state of accessibility on the web is work we *have* to support.

Let’s have a chat about how.

Claire Webber


⚡ perf matters (when it matters)
web performance basics

Performance matters… or at least that’s what thought leaders tell us on twitter. Is that always the case? Without over-optimising, what are some easy wins to gain performance kicks?

Let’s explore some basics like preventing render blocking, fixing janky animations and minimising initial paint times. We’ll also have a look at how we might measure these using metrics like FP, FCP, TTI, FID, BBQ (and explain what these acronyms even stand for).

…and perhaps, anti-climatically, ask the question ‘when does perf matter’?

Dan Harris


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