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Join us for the September edition of Fenders!

Doors will open at 5:30pm, with presentations starting around 6.00pm. Please arrive prior to 6:00pm to ensure you can gain access to the building.

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Your web page never listens to me
Jason O'Neil |

Siri, Alexa, Cortana and “Hey Google” - the big companies are all building services that can talk to us, and that we can talk back to. These are great for setting timers, adding reminders, playing a song, but compared to the sheer amount of information and interaction available to us on the web, they’re quite limited.

Have you wanted to include speech driven interfaces in the pages or apps you build? Did you know there are well supported web standards for teaching your page to talk? And there are emerging standards for the harder job of teaching your page to listen?

Let’s explore the possibilities of combining voice with the natural strengths of the web platform, see how speech driven interfaces can help us move to a more accessible and inclusive web.

::: About Jason
Jason is a front end engineer who works for Culture Amp, and is trying to squeeze in one last meetup talk before entering the sleepless world of parenthood in November.

Ten SVG Gotchas
Sam Ellis |

The Scalable Vector Graphics format (SVG) spec has been around since 1999. Around 15 years later it finally became mainstream once the old non-SVG-supporting browsers slipped off the usage radar (I’m looking at you IE8).

Join Sam in his journey to learn SVG in the trenches and discover ten tricks to avoid some of the pitfalls he encountered.

::: About Sam
Sam has been in Perth for nearly a year. He has a passion for making simple, accessible and usable systems.

Previously he worked at Microsoft building banking software, at a UK energy company making accessible, user friendly web apps and more recently upgrading a mining company’s legacy site. He is currently working in DevOps at BankWest.