Mental Health Week Presentation Night


Mental health is a very important issue to us! So please join us at this special event to listen to our excellent speakers discussing mental health, burnout and how to make sure that you look after yourself, your friends and colleagues (both physically and mentally).

Food and drinks will be provided, however this will be an alcohol free event.

Please note: RSVP's are required to attend this event for security reasons. If your name isn't on the list you might not be able to get in.


Dr Felicity Millman


Ming Johanson
RUOK Ambasssador

Growing up in domestic violence, I know the impact of asking the three little words, ‘are you ok’ can have in a person’s life. My own path helped develop my passion for promoting positive mental health and living authentically both personally and in business. Personally being a part of the RUOK team is dear to my heart, connecting to people, either by sharing my own story or by holding space for someone when they need it is one of my core values.

Within my business I am focused on diversity and social change in Australia, empowering people through human connection. I do this through education with other businesses and through my keynote speaking. Ask the question, ‘Are you OK?’”


Kylie Timpani
Senior Designer, Humaan

Lending a hand where you can sounds great, right? Well, it is! Especially if you love doing it! But, the truth is… it’s not great all the time. Sometimes it’s too much and you can find your needs coming last.

After realising I was over-extending in this way, I developed a process for myself that helps ensure I don’t get too overwhelmed or compromising of my own priorities.

Let me talk you through this process. It’s the one that lets me say “yes” in a world where everyone tells me to say “no”. Maybe it’ll inspire you to develop one for yourself?

Kylie is the Senior Designer at local digital agency, Humaan and works on a collection of side projects and freelance projects that allow her to also dabble in illustration and code. Kylie mentors, speaks and co-organises a conference for digital creatives called Mixin, all while trying to learn not to fall off a skateboard.


Patrik Affentranger
Front End Web Developer

Have you ever started your morning by worrying about “that person”, and how long you can put off having to deal with them? Toxic developers can make you doubt yourself and your abilities. Their behaviour can be hugely disruptive to the success of individuals and ultimately teams as a whole.

I will address how to identify and deal with toxic developers in the workplace by providing you with strategies you can apply day to day. My aim is to help you regain your focus by sharing coping mechanisms and healthy ways to respond to a situation, whether it is you who is affected or your teammates.

Having swapped the Swiss mountains with Western Australian beaches, Patrik calls Perth home while working as a Front End Web Developer. He is passionate about creating great user experiences and being happy when going to work.


Julie Grundy
Front End Developer and Accessibility Expert

Have you ever wondered how to find a mental health professional to talk to? Asked anyone what appointments with a psychologist are like? Julie hadn't, until she realised she needed to find out quickly! She'll share her experiences and impressions, along with some totally relevant gifs.

Julie is an accessibility expert with over 15 years experience as a front-end web developer in the health and education sectors. She believes in the democratic web and helps organisations make their websites inclusive of everyone. She's a fan of gifs, chocolate and camping.