Mental Health Week Presentations


Mental health is a very important issue to us! So please join us at this special event to listen to some excellent speakers discussing topics related to Mental Health. More information to come!

Food and drinks will be provided, however this will be an alcohol free event.


By Anton Ball

While working from home in the comfort of your pyjamas is the dream for many of us, the reality for most is office work. This means spending a large portion of your life commuting to work. Have you paid much attention to your commute and how it affects your day? I never did, I just kept scrolling absent-mindedly on my phone. That was until I decided to test three popular methods of travelling to work..

Join me on a journey to discover how you can reclaim your time spent commuting. Whether it’s planning and organising your day, improving your mindfulness and wellbeing or using the time to learn and develop new skills. I’ll share with you how you can find more time in the day through commuting so that you can create your own journey to happiness and growth.

By Helen Burgess

"The struggle of an every day tech work living with a hidden illness is something that we all hear about. If not daily then at least weekly. Why is it a struggle? Why does it take so much energy? If 1 in 5 people are said to have a mental illness what does that say about our industry. So how do we shift ourselves to refresh every minute of everyday without overloading our mental health cache.

I would like to take you on a journey of discovery from diagnosis through to how I am now able to manage working as a web technologist and teacher. This journey will show some of the techniques I have used along the way as well as providing and understanding of how having something that is so hidden is not a 'death sentence' to your career in the tech industry. "

By Nora ‘the explorer’ Ball

"Collecting moments not things; how writing a bucket list and living life to the full can improve your mental health, introduce you to new people, discover hidden talents and passions and makes life worth living.

You don't have to spend your life sitting on the couch watching TV or getting drunk every weekend. There is a lot of joy that comes from doing new experiences in life and taking the time to dream.

I will be spreading the benefits of writing in a journal and making a bucket list. They are simple activities that can be done by anyone and have the power to change your life."

By Niaal Holder

"“Day 7,384 - nobody suspects a thing. I’ve pretended to be a web developer for 20 years and... I think I’ve gotten away with it.”

It’s 2019. The internet is loud, aggressive and prone to exaggeration. Similarly, as an industry web development has its own issues: apps, tools and skills are evolving and multiplying at quite a rate, and the hyperbole around who you ‘should’ be and how you ‘should’ work is only getting rowdier.

So when that seed of self-doubt inevitably creeps in, and we ask ourselves, ’am I good enough?’ … how do we find our way back to confidence?

Let’s take a look at the ins and outs of Impostor Syndrome, and see how we can create a better working environment to protect ourselves (and each other) from it."

By Kristy Sachse

Shame is one of the most powerful emotions and its ability to make us feel unloved is unmatched by any other. In this talk I will be breaking down why shame is so powerful, where it gets its power from and how we can use empathy and connection to kill it dead! I will also give you some tips on what to do if you are shamed, and also what to do if you are the type of person that might accidentally on purpose shame someone...don't worry, it's all good, I got your back.