Keep Calm and Fasten Your Seatbelt & Effectively Testing React Applications


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Keep Calm and Fasten Your Seatbelt

Modern web development has many challenges and of those, security is both very important and often under-emphasised. Many of today’s data security professionals are beginning to recognise that unprotected web applications have become attractive targets for cybercriminals looking for easy entry points into their networks. It’s time to get serious about Web App Security

Effectively Testing React Applications

Over the last couple of years testing our apps became standard practice in the industry. Textbooks and research papers state clear benefits and how it can impact business success in the long term sustainability of a product, what they don't tell you is that ineffective testing can have a bigger negative impact on the code maintainability and product stability than no tests at all.

In this talk, we will be looking at some of the practices, tools, and approaches seen in the wild for testing react apps, we will be looking at what worked well and what didn't and how we can do better with code snippets and a small live coding session.

About the Speakers

Sonya Moisset (@sonyamoisset) is a lead security engineer at Photobox and the tech lead at Pride in London. Before that, she was a consultant and has over ten years’ experience in International Business Development. Sonya is also a Tech Advocate, a mentor for women in tech, a writer on Medium for FreeCodeCamp publications and an active member of the tech community in London.

Diogo Cunha is an enthusiastic senior software engineer based in London. Spending most of his days crafting web apps at Threads Styling he is passionate about technologies like React, typescript, and Node. In his spare time, he loves to read about ways to improve delivery and user experience.

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Agenda (times approximate)

6.30pm Doors open/registration

7pm Keep Calm and Fasten Your Seatbelt - Sonya Moisset (approx 25 minutes)

7.30pm Effectively Testing React Applications - Diogo Cunha ( approx 30-40 minutes)

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