What we're about

Imagine a place where people take the time to share a meal with one another, to ask about the beautiful and the broken in one another’s lives, and to hear the stories of Jesus and think together how they might apply to our own real, messy, busy, and broken lives. A place where people who have never been to church sit down with people who have spent most of their lives in church, where doubters, believers and those who aren’t sure break bread together.

This is Front Porch, where we believe it’s better together—our eating, our story sharing, our living

Front Porch is a new faith community that is just starting out—we’re spending some time getting to know the Old Mountain View neighborhood, meet our neighbors and those who frequent Castro street. As we do this, there will be opportunities to engage with this idea that it’s better together. You can be a part of this as we seek to do church differently—join us for shared meals, for service projects and for intentional community building events. We are an intentionally queer inclusive space that's open to everyone who is curious about what it looks like to build authentic community.

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