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Let's get out and get moving!
Walking is the super food of movement, but like any super food the way you consume it matters. On our walk we will discuss some of the junk foods of walking and we will play around with how we walk. Meet at the Dawson park playground in Longmont, Colorado for a walk around McIntosh lake 3 1/2 miles. As we walk we will discuss, gait and different ways of walking/running. What's natural, what's not. It's fun and beautiful and a great way to get to know each other.

Dawson Park

1757 Harvard St · Longmont, CO

What we're about

Learn about yourself through Movement!

All fitness levels welcome, and everyone will feel challenged mind and body, in a good way.

This is a group for anyone interested in experiencing more of their body, more of their mind and more of the natural environment that Colorado provides. Our focus is on fitness but we are NOT "working out" we are engaging in a practice. The practice of natural movement.

Natural Movements are any of the movements that a human would do if they didn't have all of the modern day conveniences. Walking, running, hiking up and down hills, balancing, climbing, hanging, sitting and squatting on the ground are just a few things. You've never done a fitness meetup like the ones this group will do, and there will be a lot of variety as this group is about connecting with your mind and body in a way that will energize your spirit and reconnect you to your inner wisdom.

The benefits of a practice are several fold. 1) The lessons apply, not only to the fitness of your body but also to your life in general, if you can balance your body on a log you can take the skills and apply them to an abstract such as balancing your relationships. 2) You will be able to apply the skills to your daily life in a way that will keep you healthy and moving and motivated. No more back injuries from lifting groceries out of the back seat of a car.
3) A practice changes the way you view the world in general. Where once there was a curb now there might be a balance beam, or a jump.

If you want to get out and hike, play, move and connect with a group of people on a deep level this is the group for you. The goal of the group is to get you moving while also having a great time getting to know people with similar interests. NOTE: When you leave the meetup, you may not feel worked or tired. You will probably feel energized and ready to take on the world. Your mind will be swimming with ideas and possibilities. You ARE getting a workout and your body will let you know the next day. Feel great and and get results without killing yourself for an hour. Join us, in parks, on the front range trails, and maybe a few other places.

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