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Accountability – Resources – Goals
Time for our November 2018 meeting! Let’s come together to find accountability partners, resources to find voice over work, and establish goals for 2019. Bring in your laptop, tablet, or a cell phone so that we can explore the resources ranging from LinkedIn, Google, and Facebook (amongst other resources) to find you those opportunities to build client relationships. Pen / pencil and paper will work for taking notes. We're attempting to make things happen on the spot to build that momentum so if you have the technology, it will help. Are you feeling stalled? Maybe the inspiration of Issa Lopez’s presentation in October has you feeling inspired yet not sure how to make the next move. This meeting can be a sort of accountability partner to encourage the next few steps forward. This can include reaching out to businesses, setting up a plan to attend a conference in 2019, or help you on your next step of your current plan. What to bring? • Laptop / tablet / cell phone • Any resources such as CRM programs, potential conferences you’re interested in, how you keep your creativity flowing, or studio equipment you’re looking to purchase. • Your 2019 goals. Where do you see your journey taking you? • What would you like to see the Front Range Voice Over group cover in 2019? • Any questions that you’d like to ask in a group setting. We’ll meet on Monday, November 12, 2018 at the Colorado Media School from 6pm to 9pm in Room 4. Please RSVP on the Meetup site for Front Range Voice Over Group. Looking forward to collaborating!

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Colorado Media School

404 S Upham St · Lakewood