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Hello! Sometimes it seems like there is a gap in hiking groups: groups that do really easy things or groups that are much more challenging. I am planning to keep this a little more intermediate. Some hikes will be more advanced hikes, but done at a bit slower pace. This is a group to enjoy the out doors and get to know your fellow hikers. As I do like to get away from the crowds, hikes will be 1-2 hrs away.

I have 2 rules in this group :

1/ We are supportive and positive - toward the group itself, fellow hikers, and ourselves.
2/ No politics on the trail

Things to know:
Intermediate group- anywhere from 4 to 10ish miles, may or may not be a trail, elevation gain/loss will vary but can be considerable, go out to eat after, do plan most of your day for this

^We are not a run to the top group. We are out there to enjoy the sights, laugh lots, and take photographs. However there is a wide range and speeds and abilities. I want you to be comfortable and enjoy your hike. Be aware of your abilities.

^Well trained and friendly dogs will be very welcome. I will have my dog Roy with us. I often look for hikes where they can be off leash, so that is usually in National Forests

^While children are not excluded, there is adult language and conversation on the trail.

^ Do know that these hikes are cross posted with our Facebook page.

^You are responsible for bringing your own supplies, gear, water, first aid, and snacks. While this group is amazing about sharing, being prepared will make it a much more comfortable and enjoyable trip for you.

I look so forward to walking next to you!!

Rin and Roy

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Hike on Guanella Pass

Needs a location

There is an off road trail on the Georgetown side of the pass. Let's go explore it. It looks like it goes a long a creek a good part of the way, then should push up and see some views. If we get all of the way to the end would be 10 miles round trip. Depending on road conditions, may try to drive up part way? However, will adjust to trail conditions and group day of. Meet at Evergreen Parkway park and ride. Do not try to google this, people get all sorts of mixed up. Take I70 to Evergreen Park way. Take a right at the light. Then the 1st right. 29250 US 40 is the address. We will caravan/carpool from here. We do go out to eat after our hikes. Look forward to seeing you.

Hike in Hall Valley

Pine Junction Park-N-Ride

There is a whole valley of off road and hiking trails to play on back here. It connects all the way to Red Cone and to Montezuma. However, I am guessing there is just enough snow on it to keep the off road traffic down. Let's go play and explore. The distances will depend on how the group is doing and snow conditions. There is up to a 10 mile loop that I saw so be ready for anything! Meet at Pine Junction Park and Ride - 285S to stop light in Pine junction take a right, it will be on your right. In between Cross roads and Ace. We will carpool/caravan from there. We do go out to eat as a group after our hikes. Looking forward to seeing you there!

New Year Full Moon Snowshoe

Needs a location

Hey all! Saving a date. Let's have our New Year Party be a full moon snow shoe! Location and more details to come. We will have a trail to snow shoe on and then a bonfire after. This will be both beginner and intermediate group.

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Hike/snowshoe on Kenosha Pass

Pine Junction Park-N-Ride

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