Fast Fonts and Snappy SVGs


Custom fonts and animated vector illustrations bring your site to life. 62% of all sites already use custom fonts ( And while SVGs are just a small share of all images on the web, the use of SVG doubled last year (

With custom fonts and SVGs becoming more and more popular, it's time for a meetup on how to get the most out of them and use them responsibly.

Event schedule

18:00 Doors open, food & drinks
19:00 Introduction
19:15 Font performance - Roel Nieskens
20:00 Break
20:30 Fast and flexible SVGs - Jurgen Beliën
21:15 More drinks

Note: this event will be recorded and will be available via the live stream (

Font performance
Roel Nieskens (@pixelambacht (

Roel is a front-end developer, font-hacker and “color font guy” working at Kabisa in Weert.

More than any other asset, web fonts can really mess up the user experience. Don’t use fonts, and your content will be perfectly readable, yet looking generic and boring. Use fonts, and you’ll have to dance around FOUT, FOIT and other awkwardnesses of web typography. There are several good font loading strategies, each with their own pros and cons, but they all have a common theme: the faster the font is available, the better. So let’s look at some ways on how to accomplish this.

Can't wait for some tips? Read his excellent article Saving the internet 2000 terabytes a day: fixing Font Awesome's fonts (

Fast and flexible SVGs
Jurgen Beliën (@jurgenbelien (

Jurgen is a front-end lead at De Voorhoede with a background in design, specialised in getting things just right.

The best way to author and maintain your SVGs? Jurgen will show you the pros and cons of different methods. And he will share tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your SVGs.