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Are you addicted to Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)? During this meetup we'll focus how you can work efficiently with your API, how best to manage an API and how to have fun with it. And just because we enjoy word puns the APIs will be served with IPAs (and other (non)alcoholic drinks).

Event schedule

17:30 Doors open, drinks
18:10 Introduction
18:20 You are the API - Marko Malis, De Voorhoede
19:00 Break with food & drinks
19:40 GraphQL, Apollo and Optimistic UI updates - Peter Peerdeman, Lifely
20:20 Break
20:40 The Gateway to your API - Gijs Zonneveld, Triple
21:20 More drinks

Live stream
Can't make it in person? Don't worry, this event will be recorded and will be available via the live stream (link will be announced shortly before the event). Please do update your RSVP so others can join in person.

You are the API
Marko Malis (@realmarkomalis (https://twitter.com/realmarkomalis))

Marko works as a front-end developer at De Voorhoede. He specialises in (Node.js) APIs and Web Security.

Today we all know, use and love the internet, but it lost one of its most beautiful features: being distributed.Luckily we are on the verge of a major change in our digital landscape. Centralised systems will be replaced by distributed ones. WebRTC, WebTorrent the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) are all beautiful technologies that allow distributed peer2peer networking. Let's explore the possibilities in an age where a connected user is a server and a client at the same time!

GraphQL, Apollo and Optimistic UI updates
Peter Peerdeman (@peterpeerdeman (https://twitter.com/peterpeerdeman))

Peter is CTO at Lifely which creates web applications from concept to development and deployment using React, Apollo, GraphQL and NodeJS.

GraphQL has been a great replacement for REST API's in recent projects at the Lifely office. It offers an amazing abstraction over the available datamodel and allows the frontend views to be extremely flexible. Apollo helps the React components get their required data through GraphQL endpoints and has some awesome UI optimizations that we'd love to share, after kickstarting you with some GraphQL/Apollo basics.

The Gateway to your API
Gijs Zonneveld

Gijs is working as an architect at Triple (https://www.wearetriple.com). He is active in the area of mobile development in combination with API Management to facilitate mobile applications.

Nowadays API’s are the way to communicate between “things”. Gijs will talk about experiences in the field to support different authentication methods (oAuth, OpenID, SAML, third party iAM), as well as hardening backend infrastructure to make the API gateway “most” secure for the end user. Solutions may vary from complete solutions as implementing own best practices.