Simply Serverless


As front-end developers we think as little as possible about what's going on behind the backends we work with. And that's exactly what Serverless ( is all about! Abstract your back-ends away using 3rd party Backends-as-a-Service or even trendier Functions-as-a-Service. So you can focus on creating the best front-ends for your users.

During this meetup we'll introduce you to cloud functions, a brand new tool for serverless Node apps and show the benefits by sharing a project built with a serverless architecture.

Event schedule

17:30 Doors open, drinks
18:10 Introduction
18:20 Severless, Serverlesser, Serverlest - Louwrens Boonstra, Google
19:00 Break with food & drinks
19:40 #PickUp10, the ease of serverless - Jasper Moelker, De Voorhoede
20:20 Plek: serverless Node.js apps - Selwyn Versteeg, De Voorhoede
21:00 More drinks

Live stream
Can't make it in person? Don't worry, this event will be recorded and will be available via the live stream (link will be announced shortly before the event). Please do update your RSVP so others can join in person.


Severless, Serverlesser, Serverlest
Louwrens Boonstra, Google

Louwrens is a customer engineer at Google Cloud who, when not talking
to customers or sailing, likes to Bash and PHP his way through ML and IOT.

He will give you a quick and dirty demo of various Google Cloud serverless products.


#PickUp10, the ease of serverless
Jasper Moelker (, De Voorhoede

Jasper is a front-end architect at De Voorhoede ( He's always looking for the new setups to make projects easier and more fun to work with. Serverless is one of his latest obsessions.

This summer De Voorhoede launched Pick Up 10 (, a web app to spread awareness about and fight plastic littering. You score points by taking photos of litter and at the same time those photos are used to target policymakers and CEOs. Behind the scenes your photos are uploaded to an image hosting service (Cloudinary), analysed using image recognition (Google Vision) and all data is stored in a hosted database (mLab). In his talk, Jasper dives into how all of this is connected with cloud functions, the benefits they bring and the struggles De Voorhoede encountered in creating this serverless project.


Plek: serverless continuous deployment
Selwyn Versteeg ( &, De Voorhoede.

Selwyn is a front-end developer at De Voorhoede ( He has a special interest in web infrastructure and a drive to make helpful open source tools for developers. One of those tools is Plek which assists in automated deployment. With new serverless solutions coming up, how we put projects live is changing. Rapid deployment enables a shorter feedback loop to speed up development & with Plek we can amp that up!