ECMAScript 6


JavaScript is changing. It's not an identity crisis or a teenage mutiny or even indecision. It's a full-fledged revolution and it's already storming the gates.

ECMAScript 6 is the name of that revolution. Companies of all shapes and sizes, tons of open source projects and all the major browsers and dev tools are joining the fray.

Join us as Eyal Vardi and Nir Kaufman show us the ropes. And because we know you all have questions that nobody can answer, we're putting together a panel of experts for you to embarrass...

(It's not your mama's Mocha... I mean LiveScript... or was that JavaScript... anymore!)


18:00 - import { Greetings, Introductions } from Feds;
18:30 - What’s New in ECMAScript 6, by Eyal Vardi
19:15 - while( hungryFeds.length ) yield stuffedFed;
19:30 - ES6 Now - Up and Running, by Nir Kaufman (500Tech)
20:15 - fed => fed.breathe() );
20:30 - Q&A Panel - Ask the Experts!, with Eyal Vardi, Nir Kaufman, Ben Katz and Ran Wahle
21:00 - export { [happyCampers, raffleWinners] as default };

What's New in ECMAScript 6

It took almost 15 years, but finally, at long last, JavaScript (a.k.a. ECMAScript) has been upgraded with tons of goodies that we have all been waiting for. ECMAScript 6 completely changes the way we write JavaScript code. Besides being the only true cross-platform language, ECMAScript 6 now offers object-oriented facilities and syntax improvements that resemble other programming languages such as Java and C#.

Eyal Vardi was nominated a Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) for 10 years in a row. The title was given to him based on his contribution to the developer and technical community through lectures, conferences, open house events, blog posts and free tools. Eyal is involved in many cutting edge industry projects and specializes in the architecture, design and development of advanced projects and products.

ES6 Now - Up and Running

In this talk, we will cover everything you need to know in order to start writing ES6 today, even on your current projects. We will focus on getting an ES6 environment up and running with popular tools, go over the ES6 module system and syntax, and talk about how to migrate an existing ES5 project to ES6 without pain.

Nir Kaufman is an experienced full-stack JavaScript developer, AngularJS expert, consultant, teacher and community activist. He is a leader in the AngularJS field in Israel as the Head of AngularJS Development at 500Tech.

The Panel

Both Eyal and Nir will participate in the panel, as well as a couple other industry experts. We're applying various filters to the huge list of applicants, such as polygraphs, jump ropes, and other grueling hurdles, to make sure we have the best experts for you to embarrass. We'll let you know who the lucky winners are as soon as they pass the finishing line!

This just in: we have our victims, er, winners: Ben Katz and Ran Wahle.

Ben Katz is a Senior Front End engineer ar Wix Engineering.

Ran Wahle is a Senior Consultant at Sela and specializes in web technologies.

Location and Parking

We're going back to Google Campus Tel Aviv, at the Electra Tower, for this Meetup.

There is a relatively cheap parking lot adjoining Electra Tower, right off of Tuval St., immediately after the turn from Yigal Alon. ('14.3%22N+34%C2%B047'39.9%22E/@32.070645,34.794412,192m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x0) (The link will take you to the coordinates on Google Maps.)

You can also park at Kenyon Azrieli. Not free, but relatively cheap and there are a lot of spots.

The Raffle

As usual, we will be raffling off prizes from our sponsors. We have jetBrains licenses, Pluralsight subscriptions, and (if we can arrange it) conference tickets and discounts, and maybe (hopefully) more. Whatever it is, you know you want it!