CSS - Architecture, Design And Performance

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When Thinking about Front End development, Javascript is usually the first thing that comes to mind. However CSS is also an integral part of Front End development. While Javascript is moving towards rapidly, CSS is taking it's time and very slowly adapting to the growing complexity of modern web applications.

In this meetup will explore some concepts regarding Organizing our CSS into reusable components, building super responsive design and better understand what goes on in our browser until we get every single pixel on the screen.


18:00: Gathering & Networking.

18:15: Introductions

18:30: Thinking BEM - Organize CSS into re-usable
components. - Valery Kotlarov

19:10: break

19:20: Super Responsive Layout With Flexbox - Yoni Mishani

19:55: The Pixel Pipeline - Ran Itzhaki

20:30: Raffle & Prizes

20:40: Go Home

Thinking BEM - Organize CSS into re-usable components
By Valery Kotlarov, senior Web developer,Seeking Alpha

Some of you have already heard about BEM methodology and even dared to try it. My goal is to try and show you how BEM can be beneficial to you and your team and how it can solve UI problems.

Valery is a senior web developer in SeekingAlpha. He consulted startups and companies to build and improve their client and server sides. As the web technologies rapidly evolve, Val keeps an eye on innovations and continuously improves his technical skills.

Super Responsive Layout With Flexbox
By Yoni Mishani, Lead front-end developer, 888

Responsive is not all about media queries, in this session yoni will go through the basics of Flexbox display and show you how to build a fully responsive app with Flexbox only.

Yoni is a lead front end developer at 888. He is specializing in building super responsive apps for all platforms.

The Pixel Pipeline - Understanding the css render system
By Ran Itzhaki, Senior Full-stack developer, Sela Group

Understanding the pipeline that ends with a pixel drawn to the screen is the key to how we can optimize our css. in this session Ran will walk us through the pixel pipeline and provide some useful tips and guidelines on how to optimize this process.

Ran is a Senior Full-stack developer at the Sela Group. He as built web application in a wide array of client and server technologies and more recently focusing on Angular 2