#FrontEndParty 47


Another FrontEndParty is going down this Thursday on October 26th! Join us for a talk on augmented reality for the web (moved from last month!), a how-to on front-end tech talks, and helpful tips for collaboration between developers and designers.

AR.js - Augmented Reality For the Web - Cameron Sampson

An introduction to AR.js, an augmented reality toolkit built on top of Mozilla A-Frame that turns your camera phone into an augmented reality device!

The Talk About Talks - Sia Karamalegos

Are you hesitant to give tech talks? Do you hate making slides? This two-part talk is for you. First, Sia will talk about the strategies she uses to give talks from meetups to international conferences. Then, she'll walk you though a you a cool tool (reveal-md) for building slides super duper easily in markdown (code snippets are a breeze!).

How to Bridge the Divide Between Development and Design - Glynnis Ritchie

Glynnis will talk about how designers and developers can collaborate better, using a project she was involved in at Rackspace as an example.

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- #FrontEndParty team