February 2019 Photo Contest - Theme is "Love"

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The theme for February is "Love"

February is the month of hearts and valentines! It's the perfect time to think of Love and what it means to you. Grab your camera and compose a shot to love!

This contest ENDS on February 26th at 9 p.m. So hurry and post your entry. BE SURE TO READ THE RULES SO YOUR IMAGE ISN'T DELETED! No Exhibition Only Images Allowed. The Contest Rules have changed, please read and familiarize yourself with the new requirements!

NOTE: Many new people get confused because this looks like a Meetup. The Meetup website REQUIRES that there be a time, date and location, so to get past that requirement I MAKE ONE UP! Once again, this is not a Meetup but a contest. Hope that helps!

Please Read the Instructions.

✓ All Members who have paid their dues may participate.

✓ You must take the image you submit yourself. No restored photos, Photoshop compilations or creations where you are not the maker of all the images.

✓ Your image must have been taken within the last twelve months for the monthly contest.

✓ You may NOT enter a photo that has been entered in a previous monthly contest and won 1st, 2nd or Honorable Mention.

✓ Only 1 entry per month per member. NO EXHIBITION ONLY IMAGES due to confusion Exhibition Images will no longer be allowed

✓ Add your image to the CORRECT ALBUM - it will be named “2019 Monthly Contest. This album can be found by navigating to the “PHOTOS” link in the navigation bar found above. Once there look for the correct album and add your image. (Anyone creating a new album as opposed to following these instructions risks not getting into the contest. I realize people make mistakes so check your work.)

✓ Give your image a Title, if you don’t we will and it won’t necessarily be what you were thinking! Last month there were several entries made AFTER the DEADLINE! Please note the deadline is NOT at the END of the Month. Submissions made after the deadline will be void. Sorry folks, the rules are the rules!

The reason we have a Contest is to challenge our Members to get out and take photos. We want to see everyone participate and in doing so improve. Each month the 1st and 2nd Place winners receive $25/$15 respectively as Prize Money! Winners will be notified via this site and need to provide me with their Legal Name and address. I will be sending prize money immediately after receiving contact info.

Visit this (Page to see winners from previous years (https://www.meetup.com/FrontRangePhotography/pages/20272085/2016_Contest_History/)) I will get this updated someday!

Themes for 2019

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February Love
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August Sun
September Motion
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