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A Frontend Meetup célja a designerek és fejlesztők összehozása és az egyes szakterületek kihívásainak, lehetőségeinek vagy éppen korlátainak bemutatása a másik tábor felé. Ha érdekel a usability, a webes tervezés, a ZUI, a 3D, ha megszállott Kinect rajongó vagy, ha user experience témában kutatsz, vagy ha egész egyszerűen te vagy az, aki a designer ötletét implementálja, gyere el a meetupra; beszéljünk, vitatkozzunk, segítsük egymás munkáját.

A Frontend Meetup havi rendszereséggel kerül megrendezésre.

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Frontend Meetup September

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This is an English speaking event 🇬🇧 // Angol nyelvű esemény 🇬🇧

We're back near the end of September with a couple of interesting topics around front-end performance, authentication using one's face or code craftmanship practices about code reusability!

Thank you Betsson Group for supporting us this month with the venue,
drinks and some snacks!

Our schedule for September:

👩 👨 E2E browser-based facial authentication
by Andrea Naudi

Remembering multiple passwords is a pain. What if there could be a way to authenticate users with your site from any device without storing their facial patterns on their phones, computers or your server? Impossible you say? Join us and find out for yourselves...

🏎 How to achieve the fastest fully interactive siteloading
by Viktor Szabo-Bogar and Adam Mikulas

Why is it so hard to achieve 100% on Google PageSpeed? The answer is too much JavaScript.

We need to remove as much JavaScript as possible from the main thread and get better way how we deliver JavaScript to the browser.
How to ship as small JavaScript as possible on the client regardless the complexity of the application? Lets find out together...

🛠 Code Reuse Patterns
by George Mermigkas

Angular? React? Vue? What about native mobile apps? You application’s code is your employer’s biggest investment. How can you invest less on commercial frameworks and more on your actual business logic? All in a way that is cross-framework and cross-platform? Join us to find out how we tackle vendor lock-in and re-usability at Betsson


Frontend Meetup Budapest welcomes everybody. Please, be excellent to each other, and read our Code of Conduct so that we are on the same page on what excellent means!


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