Frontend Meetup Craft Conference Edition

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70 people went


Andrássy út 66. · Budapest

How to find us

We're right in the courtyard - just push the gate, it's open!


This is an English speaking event 🇬🇧 // Angol nyelvű event 🇬🇧

🏖 Let's start the summer at our first open-air meetup this year, in the courtyard of A66! 🎤✨

As a part of the Craft Conference Meetup Evening, this will be a warmup event for Craft Conference 2018, with 4 great talks of React, CSS, Houdini and even with some music & live coding!



✨Joseph Wilk: Crafting instruments in code
Joseph Wilk is a musician, artist and programmer exploring code as a means of performance and self expression. Specialising in experimental audio, AI composition tools and generative/interactive computer graphics. He makes music and performs live coding of light and sound as @Repl_electric.
Joseph lands in Budapest this evening, so fingers crossed that he can get to the event in time! 🤞

✨Bill Odom: CSS Grid: Get ready to fall in love
Bill Odom has been a software designer, developer, or systems architect for nearly three decades. For the last several years, he’s served as a consultant, trainer, and senior software developer for organizations large and small all across the US. These days, he divides his time between building large, complex web applications, and teaching other people how to build large, complex web applications. He feels weird writing about himself in the third person.

✨Benedek Gagyi: Having (useful) fun with Houdini
The Houdini Project offers to become a Babel for CSS. But that’s not all: these new APIs offer exciting new possibilities by themselves and have great synergies when combined.
By going through a bunch of examples you’ll learn how to work with worklets, the Paint API, the Properties and Values API and how to combine them to create delightful experiences with surprisingly elegant code.

✨Peter Szel ( What's next, React?
React is the dominant player of the frontend world, and it never stopped evolving. The next iteration brings an exciting new feature called Async Rendering, at the same time some of the previously used lifecycle methods will become deprecated.
Async rendering will allow you to design your app to work smoothly even on slower devices or network.
In my presentation, I'll talk about what's behind this change and how you can prepare for the big change.


The Craft Conference team prepared a little gift for you: take a coupon that you can exchange for beer or pizza after our event 🍻🍕

The city's newest source for specialty coffee, Flow Specialty Coffee Bar & Bistro was kind enough to open for us before its official launch. Be the first to sample their coffee and food selection during our meetup (bring some cash)! ☕️🥪

- to A66 and GMG for the great venue, 🏖
- to Flow for the seats, 💺
- to Green Fox Academy for the tech, 🎥
- and to Digital Natives for the sound! 🔊


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