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A monthly meetup of front-end developers and enthusiasts from Zagreb and region. We gather every 1st Wednesday of a month, feel free to join us as a speaker or just an attendee. This is an English language event.

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Frontend ZG Meetup #07

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It's time for 7th Frontend Meetup and we are going to talk about "Jira Sucks, right?"


Introduction by Q Agency & Frontend ZG

Ivan Herak: JIRA sucks, right?
JIRA is a widely used tool to manage software projects. Project managers LOVE it. But, what about developers? Are we really stuck in the eternal hell of pushing boxes?

Speaker short bio
PHP/Symfony developer at Netgen. Team lead; tech lead on projects. Taking out his frustration with chaos by trying to automate stuff.

Nikola Vranesic: React - refactoring and extending the official Tic Tac Toe tutorial
Going through Reacts official tutorial, we'll transform class based components into functional, move logic to hooks, add TypeScript, replace prop drilling with Context and try to keep scalable code to be able to add further abstractions. Yes, there will be homework

Speaker short bio
Department Manager of Frontend Technologies at Q agency. Managing people who manage people is the new meta! 😅

Join us at Q Agency to learn new techniques and meet new people.

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Q Agency + Frontend ZG


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Frontend ZG Meetup #06

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