What we're about

Putting your ideas into Motion, from Concept to fruition presented by Fruition Technology Labs


Fruition believes in the development of purpose driven tech ideas into technology companies. We utilized our proven 5 Steps Process to build or transform the core foundation of any idea or business into a purpose driven organization. This type of company is proven to hold an un-matched competitive edge, a loyal customer base and a committed team.

Who Should Join

If you are interested in innovation in that has the potential to make a significant impact please join us! We also welcome anyone who is interested in learning more about current startups in the Houston area or who would like to contribute their business or industry knowledge to our discussions. It’s a fantastic networking opportunity that we hope will benefit everyone involved!

The Format

Each month we will meet for bites and drinks at cool venues across Houston to discuss and learn about the steps to building a successful technology startup and collaborate on how to meet common product and business development challenges. Meet current inventors, listen to and heed the advice of business and industry professionals and contribute your own input during the roundtable portion of our meetings.

The first five meetups will focus on Fruition Technology Labs’ Five Simple Steps to Fruition (Unlock, Explore, Plan, Build and Launch), which meetup organizer and Fruition founder Wesley Okeke uses, along with his mentors, to help inventors at any stage see their innovative ideas to fruition.



Would you like to sponsor one of our meetups? Contact meetup organizer Wesley Okeke.

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