Fall Back Into Social Bowling! Join Our Super Fun Team on Wednesdays!

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Fall is here, sssoooo

Let’s go bowling! Join our super fun team in this awesome social league. Let’s get out of hiding and have a great time with friends and meeting new people on the lanes together! I’ve bowled with them before and it was a lot of fun!

When: Wednesday evenings
Where: Main Event South
Cost: Discounted price of $66.00 (Use code FWMUF19)for SIX weeks! Includes everything! (see below for details)

The league has created a team for the group on Wednesday’s called Pin Pals - here's the link: Pin Pals / http://bit.ly/2H9XaF6
(You can set up your own team with friends too if you’d like! We’ll all be hanging out either way!)
LEAGUE INFORMATION : http://bit.ly/2MoOBeA
Just to be clear since there was some confusion before, this is for a LEAGUE(dates below). The event date is when you should REGISTER by, we aren’t meeting up on that date! We have an absolute blast every time we join. Big reminder: you have to register/pay through the leagues website in order to be a part of the league, not just RSVP here :)

I'm a terrible bowler - is it a competitive league?
No - the league is super social so the more gutter balls you throw, the better! Whether you're a great bowler or a terrible bowler, the league is a fun way to socialize and meet new people

Isn't bowling for, like, grandparents?
Not in this league! If you're looking to socialize with tons of young professionals in their 20s-30s-40s, this is the league for you.

Are there any hidden costs?
Zero! Included in your registration of $66.00 (With discount code applied) you get:
-6 weeks of coed social bowling (1-3 games each week)
-Bowling shoe rentals and league organization
-Trivia, Bar Games and exclusive league drink specials at the alley!
-FREE team T-Shirts if you sign up early!

What are the dates?
Wednesday evenings: Oct 16, Oct 23, Oct 30, Nov 6, Nov 13, Nov 20

Sounds awesome, where do I sign up?!
Say no more – click here for all the info you need!
All League Information : http://bit.ly/2MoOBeA

Get $13 off with promo code: FWMUF19

Check out their FACEBOOK page: https://www.facebook.com/FortWorthSocialLeagues
Register Now! http://bit.ly/2MoOBeA
The league is filling up, so sign up soon!!
If you have any questions email the league

League Contact Information : http://bit.ly/2nKHno7