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This group looks at the different technologies & concepts behind the new(er), holistic, view of programming known as the 'Full Stack'*. Taking a page from the OSI model and thoughts from the SDLC, we will dive into cloud services, server building & configuration, development (both engine/core and UI), web application security, and analytics & metrics, among other concepts.

The core learning mechanic will involve subject matter experts speaking to practical issues we as a developer community want to know and learn about.

Our sessions run typically an hours' worth of education and practical training.

This group is primarily based in Central and Metrowest MA areas. However, I encourage you to join still, even if you're in the Boston/Somerville/Cambridge area**. We're making our future sessions blended (physical and online) to accommodate needs as much as possible! NOTE: I'm experimenting with additional sessions that are online only.

*And yes, I know: the definition of 'Full Stack' is still an active discussion :)

** And if you're from farther afield, such as CA or IA or NY or something.... I'd still encourage you to join!

One other note: our other website (http://fullstacker.xyz) has more resources for you; check it out!

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