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Please join us for a full strawberry moon meditation, immersed in the sounds and vibrations of sacred instruments. Using a combination of gong and singing bowls, we will focus on the full moon energy to help release blockages and old patterns alongside harnessing the group energy to support the manifestation of our goals. The instruments will encourage your mind to be more receptive to resting in a theta state, that place between consciousness and dreamtime – the gateway to deep meditation, healing and intuition.

Withdraw from the external world and turn inward as the vibrations wash away stale energy, cleanse your magnetic field and promote feelings of tranquility. Merge the finite with the infinite, align the mind and body, and revitalize your parasympathetic nervous system.

Lulu will be playing her titanium Heaven gong, hand crafted by third generation gong maker, master and silversmith, Martin Bläse, of Germany. Titanium is the only known metal to possess a hexagonal crystalline composition, shared with crystal and water structures, of which we are primarily made, allowing for an even richer resonance and experience.

Discover the therapeutic benefits of sacred sound and vibrations at Alive Wellness.

Please bring an eye mask, socks, crystals and something to keep you warm.

Instructor: Lulu Maltida and Alice Yuen
Date: June 16, 2019
Investment: $ 250
Bring a friend or family member along and join for $230/person
Reservation: info@alivewellness.hk

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