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Title: How to push data to Frontends with SSE

Abstract: Realtime in web applications is a challenge that developers face, and one hard decision is what technology/architecture to use. In this talk you will have an hands on building a Streaming API in NodeJS for your frontend. This is possible with SSE and HTTP2, and is so simple that you will question if you really need to pay Pusher or other service to push data.

By André Freitas

Bio: André Freitas is from Madeira Island and is a Software Engineer at Talkdesk where he is building a Data Platform. In the last years, he founded and sold a company, worked for NDrive, collaborated with Google as Student Ambassador and was an active IEEE volunteer. Loves to code in Ruby, Python, Go and started learning Elixir in the last months.

Title: How is possible to push the HTML canvas to the browser limits?

Description: In this talk, I'm going to show you some strategies that you could use to render (smoothly) thousands of linked data points in an HTML canvas. This talk will be based on a graph use case, but most of the strategies could be applied to other scenarios.
Also in this talk, I'll show you how is possible to improve your web app performance by using efficient data structures and how it's possible to avoid heavy computations

By Victor Fernandes

Bio: My name is Victor Fernandes and after doing my first website at fourteen's I realized that I've found what I would like to do in my professional career. After taking the Electrical and Computer Engineering course I've worked as a Software Developer at MOG Technologies. And was here where I've found what I really like to do as Software Developer, the front-end of products. Now, I'm working at Feedzai where I'm helping to build products that help to make commerce safe.


6.45pm - 7pm: Registration / Meet & Greet
7pm - 7.30pm: "Title: How to push data to Frontends with SSE" by André Freitas
7.30pm - 7.45pm: Coffee Break
7.45pm - 8.15pm: "How is possible to push the HTML canvas to the browser limits?" by Victor Fernandes