Fullstack Porto #9 - Pedro Almeida and Ricardo Fernandes



Title: Strategy to double team throughput

Abstract: Do less and get more, it seems against human logic. This will be a journey through concepts, examples and a live exercise to explain what is behind it and to give you ideas to try in your teams. And is for free!

By Pedro Almeida (Talkdesk)

Bio: Having a crazy motto “Changing the world every day”, Pedro is passionate about teams, its people and its interactions. Loves everything about agility, design and engineering to help teams building amazing products.
Pedro has start work as a developer in the area of Telecommunication and has been a part of amazing teams from Maisis, PT Inovação, and Nokia where he has discovered Agility.
In the last 4 years Pedro has been an Agile Coach, first at Farfetch and now at Talkdesk - where he is building the most amazing product on the world for contact centers!


Title: Gamification journey

Abstract: Once up a time, there were two teams that continuous not started the daily on time, the meetings were a little unfocused, the commitment of the team weren’t high,… They were awareness of this but still they not started to change their behaviours! Actually they identify the problems and come with some good ideas… But nothing worked! So Ricardo Fernandes challenged the scrum masters to use a new idea that he saw on the Scrum Gathering … And then the journey begins using “Gamification”.

By Ricardo Fernandes (Nokia)

Bio: Ricardo is a dedicated and professional person, very focused, hard working and continuously searching for new solutions, without fear of putting them into practice. He knows how to motivate the team, he is flexible and understanding. He leverage the talent without imposing their ideas.
His main goal is to continue to grow professionally. For that he invest his time on learning with co-workers, friends, reading books and going to workshops/conferences. His motivation is work with people and understand how the organisations works.



6.40pm - 7:00pm: Registration / Meet & Greet
7:00pm - 7.30pm: "Strategy to double team throughput" by Pedro Almeida
7.30pm - 7.45pm: Coffee Break
7.45pm - 8.15pm: "Gamification journey" by Ricardo Fernandes