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This Group is for like minded people that are interested in natural healing, meditation/pranayama/
spirituality, art, culture, history, nature etc to connect, share, learn and grow.
This could be via attending educational events together, including talks and workshops or knowledge sharing through social interaction with other members or just simply enjoying fun interests and activities together.
Events include talks/workshops, visits to beautiful parks, historical places, art galleries, museums etc, connecting with nature, coffees and drinks, meditation/pranayama, and much much more!

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Pendulum and Dowsing Workshop



Details Come and learn how to use a pendulum in this fun workshop! You will learn how to set, clear and align the pendulum with your universal truth. You will also be taught how to continuously check its accuracy so you know when you need to clear and re-align it. You will learn how to dowse and obtain exact figures using a percentage chart. Pendulums will be supplied to practise with. You can bring your own if you have one; it doesnt have to be anything fancy – a simple string or chain with a pendant attached will do. Everyone is welcome. No prior experience is necessary. THE PENDULUM HAS SO MANY USES! It enables us to obtain information from a higher wisdom so we can make the highest and best decisions for ourselves . It can help us with simple every day decisions. But it can also be used to obtain information that is so specific to you, that cannot be obtained with such accuracy from any other sources. Some of its many uses include: - Identifying health problems - Food sensitivity analysis. - Providing valuable information on foods and medication that are right for you and identify those that will help heal specific ailments. As everyone is unique, the same food or medication can have different benefits and consequences on different people. The pendulum can supply you with very accurate percentage figures regarding these. - It is an excellent divination tool and can help us communicate and receive information from spirit as well as receive healing from spirit, including our higher selves, guardian angels and the creator of all that is. - Once you have mastered the pendulum it can also be used to heal ourselves (and others) directly by clearing specific negative energies/feelings/belief programs that are identified through the use of various clever charts. In fact, there is a highly effective healing modality, called SRT, which solely uses the pendulum and charts to clear and heal people. Doors open: 6-30pm Workshop commences promptly: 6-45pm Workshop ends: 7-45pm Doors close: 8pm Please join the waiting list if the meetup is full - if there is enough interest this workshop will be repeated. For more information please see my other meetup group below: www.meetup.com/personal-growth-and-holistic-healing/

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Intuition Development Workshop



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