What we're about

Alright, so there are running groups, hiking groups, walking groups, sports groups, and cross-fitness groups out there.

Getting fit seems like serious hard work.

Well, we'd like to go back to younger days.

And before the days of video-gaming and the internet.

We are interested in playing outdoors and getting fit as a result of having fun.

Think back to those games you used to play in younger times.

But now playing them as an adult, with guys and girls your age.

Sure, running gets your heart-rate up, but someone chasing you gets your heart-rate up in more ways than one. :)

You don't even have to be fit to join this group;

just a willingness to jump in and play!

Active fun achieves fitness.

Get your heart pumping!

Let's play!

Past events (75)

Super Moves! Super Might! (On Supermoon night)

Needs a location

1st Epic Night Trail Tour in Singapore!

Needs a location

Let the Lion in us ROAR on 8th Aug!

Needs a location

Live & Laugh with your Heart Center :)

Needs a location


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