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Are you single? Do you consider yourself intellectual and/or cultured? Would you like to establish meaningful friendships with other like-minded singles all the while having fun socializing?

Hello, my name is Chanil and I am the organizer of this group. I am also the organizer of a very successful group called Fun-Loving Intellectual & Cultured Singles (Ages 35 to 55). So as you might have guessed, I am older than the age range specified for this group (20's $ 30's). So why would I start a group for people who are younger than I? That is because I believe that there is demand for this type of meetup for this particular age group. And since we've been having so much fun in the "35 to 55" group, I felt compelled to spread the joy :). What that means is that I will be actively recruiting outgoing, friendly, highly-motivated and responsible (and preferably experienced) individuals from within the "20's & 30's" group to be event organizers. After all I wouldn't want to be the token old dude at all the events, you know what I mean? :)

As the name of the group suggests, we will, first and foremost, pursue activities that would satisfy our intellectual and/or cultural interests. We will get together for intellectual discussions, book discussions, museums, cultural events, foreign/independent films, dining at ethnic restaurants, etc. At the same time, we won't be shy about indulging in our own pop culture by attending concerts, going dancing or even watching mainstream Hollywood movies. We will also, at times, engage in casual activities like playing games or hanging out at a bar. And let’s not forget outdoor activities. Hiking would be a great way to interact intellectually with others while enjoying the great outdoors.

This is a group for people who are thoughtful and considerate with positive energy and attitude! We come from diverse backgrounds and, hence, have different ideas and opinions. That means respect for differing perspectives is crucial for this group to succeed.

Please join us if this sounds like something you would like to try out. Let’s get to know one another and have a blast! And please remember to treat others as you would like to be treated :).

**We strive to create and maintain a positive, safe and comfortable environment for all members. As such, we do not take kindly to inappropriate behaviors that include, but not limited to, stalking, harassment, unwanted advances, predatory behavior, inappropriate and/or unwanted touching/body contact, heavy intoxication, driving under the influence, drug use (including marijuana) and making offensive/derogatory/rude remarks (whether in person or via messaging). Individuals who engage in such behaviors will be swiftly and decisively removed from the group.

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TEDxMileHigh: Rethink

Temple Hoyne Buell Theatre at the Denver Performing Arts Complex

Join us at TEDxMileHigh! Let us rethink what is possible.


Apply to speak, nominate someone or be an exhibitor here:


Apply to volunteer here:


From the website:

TEDxMileHigh: Rethink will feature two live sessions of speakers and an interactive exhibits and experience lounge that will be sure to spark your imagination and stir your sense of adventure! Stay tuned for the full TEDxMileHigh: Rethink event schedule, released later this summer.

Let us rethink what's possible. Let us challenge the boundaries we've set for ourselves. Let us revel in our imagination to contemplate an entirely new future.

The last 18 months have changed the world. Public health, government, finances, technology in various realms--have all changed. Our old way of thinking is obsolete. It's time to rethink the future.

Join our community of activists, entrepreneurs, innovators, academics, and artists who are passionate about rethinking the impact our lives will have. We are a place for you to tap into new big ideas, connect with like-minded individuals, and be a part of a movement to catalyze progress.
Are you ready? Join us on October 23, 2021.

Follow TED on Twitter at twitter.com/TEDTalks, or on Facebook at facebook.com/TED

Art Collector's Preview Night

Santa Fe Arts District

Art Collectors’ Preview Night is when most artists in the district make their big sales.

It’s a “dressed up” version of the First Friday ArtWalk – without the enormous crowds and loud sounds.

On Third Fridays, every gallery on the Arts District on Santa Fe Dr is open to the public with a fresh new art show, 2 weeks before the rest of the public sees it.

I grabbed 12 tickets and will grab a few more, dependent on interest and covid numbers. Please be respectful and only RSVP if you plan to attend. This event is free to attend, minus art and drink/food purchases of course.

Please bring a mask to wear indoors.

**If you can no longer attend, please update your RSVP as soon as possible to allow others ample time to plan attendance.**

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Outdoor Movie Night- Tombstone 👢🐎

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