What we're about

This is a group for anyone who wants to make short funny clips for YouTube and hopefully make some money from it if we can make it go viral.

We are looking for the following skills: EDITOR, ACTORS (especially females) writers, lighting, promoting on web, sound , etc... If you love movies and want to learn and help out, this would be the group for you.

We meet a couple times a month, on weekends & come up with creative funny ideas and make some short clips. After making these clips we would upload them to YouTube and try to make it go viral to make a profit from it. We have learned that producing full to medium size movies takes up lots time and require full commitment, however making short clips is easy and fun to do.

We can produce something really fast and start to see some profit from it right away. Please feel free to suggest Ideas and post them. If you know of someone good at the skills mentioned above, please ask them to join.

We have a good mix of regular members and have developed good friendships among our crew, though we need to fill in some gaps when we shoot.

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