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We will take very easy-going strolls around various areas of London, taking in the fascinating history of the area, complete with interesting and funny facts and stories, and drawing on literature to bring the area more to life, as expressed through the minds of some great authors and historical figures.

We will usually go off the beaten path and discover new exciting things and places that will open your eyes to the city in its entirety.

The walks will last about 2 hours, and we'll end up in a nice pub, in time for you to start any evening plans after a nice drink with the group, or just stay on and enjoy the company.

"The streets of London have their map, but our passions are uncharted. What are you going to meet if you turn this corner?"
Virginia Woolf

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The Etruscans - The Beginnings of Western Civilisation in The British Museum

The Etruscan civilization lasted from about 1000 - 0 before the birth of Christ, focused roughly in the areas of Tuscany and Central Italy. They were a huge influence on the Ancient Romans and were creating beautiful art, enjoying the finer pleasures of life and building well-built cities long before the Romans. And yet they are largely a mystery, as the Romans absorbed their culture without keeping much in tact. So join me to discover the mystery on this 2 hour informative stroll through this wonderful period of history, taking in various Roman and Ancient Greek artefacts too. It'll be a comfortable 2 hour stroll, and then we'll head out to a nice, atmospheric English pub. You can pay by cash or card on the day. Looking forward to showing you around! The museum itself is free to enter.

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Explore the Gorgeous Art in the Wallace Collection - A Walking Tour

The Wallace Collection Hertford House, Manchester Square London W1U 3BN , London


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