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UPDATE: Time for a rebrand! I have renamed this group in hopes of showing a broadening of activity choices.

I'm starting this group to share in some fun experiences with fun people. No age discrimination here, but most people are in their 20s to 40s and all that is required is that you want to join in the same type of activities.

We'll go out to eat, trying new cuisine or looking for new Happy Hour locales. We'll get together for mini-day trips around the state to go to wineries, or the beach, or other scenic places. We'll get together for coffee or a picnic, when the weather allows. We'll go to breweries and try different kinds of beers. We'll check out local festivals. The opportunities are only limited to what we can think of and pull off.

And for a bit of rules: When you join, please give us some info about yourself, as requested. A picture of yourself is preferred rather than a random logo or pet photo or scenery picture. Be respectful of all members and hosts/organizers and obey the law (that should be a basic but you never know...). Stay informed, read the event details so you know what to expect. I try to give you as much as possible. Please don't make me do it twice and three times. Keep your RSVPs updated (please!) and let us know if at the last minute something comes up and you can't attend. Give us the same respect that you would a friend. If you say you're going to attend, and then change your RSVP to a no, just take a quick second to tell us why. You wouldn't cancel on a friend without telling them why...especially within 24-48 hours (or less) like I have seen from many people. No-shows are taken somewhat seriously, depending on the type of event or the reason. So just be mindful of your host(s) who are putting in the effort to plan your fun. You agree to these expectations when you join. If you can't meet them, don't join.

****Side note - dues are completely voluntary - not required. I put them up there so you have a way to pay online to contribute towards the cost of the Meetup. For those that don't know, organizers must pay to keep the group alive on Meetup. If we stop paying, then we lose our organizer privileges and if no one else signs up to pay, i.e. become the organizer (they automatically debit your card/bank account), then the group dies. So let's protect the group from dying even when my budget is tight.

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