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Diversity is the spice of life. Why limit yourself to only one activity every week. You'll probably not watch a movie or go for a trip every week, for the entire year. Nopes. You want to do something different each week. In fact, our own hobbies change over a period of time. You drop that guitar you used to play and join a Gym. Then you get tired of the the Gym and maybe watch a couple of movies. You keep doing different activities in your life. So here's a meetup that performs different activities each week.

**** What is this group about ****

This is a group to do something new every week. We are not limited to doing only one kind of event in this group. We do fun stuff or timepass every meetup. It's a good way to let go of stress and meet more people.

Some of the activities that we do are:

• Play some group games (could be board games, or teaming-based, or oldies like catch-catch, chain-chain)

• Check out the latest blockbuster movie, or a popular play,

• Try out a unique new restaurant nearby,

• Bring your parents for an outing (So that they can also break free from their routine)

• Read a Novella and discuss it (it's less time consuming than a book club)

• Kite Flying

• Tree plantation activity (something good for the environment)

• Meditation

• And a whole lot more.

Try out whatever suits your interests.

It is highly recommended for new members to join the "Get to know you" meetup. If you haven't attended this meetup earlier then you should attend it once. This is scheduled once every month and it gives me a chance to know you, what you're expecting from the group. It's also a chance for you to meet other new members, and form new connections.

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