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Welcome to OKABALOO "FunArtFaktory"
The Arts & Fun Gallery for all those who explore, love, enjoy, admire, appreciate, create, make, invent, generate, build, promote, share, give, educate, develop, support and encourage ARTS and all the FUN that comes with it!
Also a group for all those who are curious or eager, wondrous or frightened, daring or hesitating, lucid or puzzled about ARTS and all the FUN that comes with it!
Most importantly, a group that can make a difference, have an impact, leave a footprint, for our young generations in the making, for a better and richer creative community, because ART is the answer to a better world!

FunArtFaktory is founded and managed by OKABALOO (okabaloo.com)
We believe in the power and the impact everyone has in shaping the world we all live in. Creative extracurricular activities outside school and work environment can build a stronger and happier society, generation after generation. These are the beliefs that drive our passion to make a difference through the love for art, and to be a vital part of this positive irreplaceable influence. OUR MISSION is to bring to our community and beyond, a place where everyone feels inspired to do better, be better and pass it along.

To all of you who have been working on something new and creative and want to experiment/try/launch/promote/test your creative idea, art product, music production, performance, workshop, literacy & art discussions, show & tell or show & sell, reach out without hesitation, because we know how you feel, we've been there, and we've got our hearts and doors open to make YOU and your IDEA happen!

We are artists, we create, we strive to design our own path, to invent our own craft, to find new inspiration on our own humble way.
We don't compete, WE COOPERATE!

Let's have looots of Arts and Fun!

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