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Welcome to FMEC (Funabashi Multilinguals English Club) Meetup !!!! 
This group is for people who want to learn English, also for people who want to meet new people in Funabashi. Every Friday night, we have a regular meeting near JR Funabashi station, 40 to 60 people on average out there. Everyone is very friendly and all English abilities are catered for from beginner to advanced.
Besides regular meeting on Friday nights, we provide some special events throughout the year such as BBQ, cherry blooms viewing, Karaoke…to have more friendship between non-native English speakers and native English speakers.


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FMEC English Practice Night (オンライン/Online)

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※This meeting will take place online. The Passcode of this Zoom Meeting is fmec1014.

Please read the information below before you sign up for the meeting.

Every Friday night, FMEC hosts its regular meeting which is alternately held at community center and online given the spread of the Covid-19 infection.
Only the Free Talk course will be provided and it will be divided into several small groups consisting of 3 or 4 people each.

▼To participate in online meetings:
(1) Please sign up for an online meeting you would like to join through Meetup.
(2) Please download the free version of the “Zoom” app onto your PC, smartphone or tablet.
(3) Make sure that you have a good internet connection.
(4) Prepare headphones, a microphone and a webcam or built-in camera depending on your device(s).
(5) Once you have signed up, the Zoom URL for joining the meeting will appear on the meeting's announcement board. You are NOT allowed to copy and paste the URL somewhere else, as this would allow unidentified users to enter the meetings and leave intentionally annoying or offensive messages.
(6) Click on the URL at the starting time of the meeting(basically 8pm) and then click on “Join” in your Zoom account. You will go to the Main Room of the online meeting.
(7) Zoom might require you to enter the passcode to join the meeting. Please check the passcode shown at the top of the information before joining.
(8) It would be highly helpful if you could make your name exactly the same name as your Meetup account when you join the meeting.
(9) Please turn on your Zoom video so that our English conversations become more active by seeing each other’s face.
(10) FMEC reserves the right to eject attendees from meetings if their behaviours are deemed troublesome. Such behaviour includes, but is not limited to: behaviours or remarks which may hinder conversations with other attendees, and any interference with an FMEC meeting.

※If you find yourself unable to participate after applying on Meetup, please manually change your reservation to “NO” (Not Going) to allow other members to apply instead. If you fail to do so repeatedly, your participation might be declined from then on.

20:00〜20:20 1st Free Talk
20:20〜20:40 2nd Free Talk
20:40〜20:50 Short Break
20:50〜21:10 3rd Free Talk
21:10〜21:30 4th Free Talk


(1) Meetupで参加申込をお願いいたします。
(2) PCやスマートフォン、タブレットへZoom(無料版)をダウンロードしてください。
(3) 安定したインターネット環境をご準備ください。
(4) お使いの機器に応じてヘッドフォン、マイクロフォン、ウェブカメラ等を各自でご準備願います。
(5) 参加申し込み後、学習会参加に必要なZoom URLがイベント情報に表示されます。不特定ユーザーによる荒らし行為等を防止するため、URLの転載は禁止とさせて頂きます。
(6) 学習会開始時間になったらZoom URLをクリックし、Zoomアカウント上で「ミーティングに参加」をクリックしてご参加頂けます。
(7) 参加時にZoomからパスコードの入力を求められることがあります。本案内文冒頭に掲載されたパスコードを事前にご確認ください。
(8) オーガナイザーが参加者確認を行うため、Zoom上のご自身の名前をMeetupアカウントと同じ名前にしてご参加ください。
(9) お互いに顔が見える方がより積極的な英会話になることから、Zoomのビデオは原則としてオンにしてください。
(10) 他の参加者との会話に支障が生じる行動や言動、その他学習会の運営を阻害する行為があった場合、オーガナイザーの判断により退室していただくことがあります。


20:00〜20:20 フリートーク1
20:20〜20:40 フリートーク2
20:40〜20:50 休憩
20:50〜21:10 フリートーク3
21:10〜21:30 フリートーク4

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FMEC English Practice Night (オンライン/Online)

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