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3 Keys to Self Love: A Fun & Rejuvenating Playshop
Discover The Secrets To Creating a Life Filled with Contribution, Playful Living & Intimate Relationships Explore a world where putting yourself as a top priority is CELEBRATED! Your needs, your desires, saying yes to your wants as innocently as a child. Do you want to learn how to amplify your own pleasure and vitality, as well as your contribution? **In this playshop, you’ll dive into the experiential learning of self-love by: *Connecting with who you really are, *Letting go of the expectations of others & *Tuning in to what brings you alive. Putting your pleasure in life is a top priority so that you have the energy and capacity to serve others. Does that make sense? If it feels edgy, check out what Danny in the community says: "You have an amazing ability to make people comfortable. With you and with themselves. You make people so very comfortable even while doing things that most people would consider edgy.” *We crave connection* What if you could love yourself so deeply it lets everyone else in your life off the hook?! Coming to your relationships filled up so that your overflow is what naturally contributes to those you love. Awesome, right? ***What you’ll experience in this playshop:*** Embodied, tangible exercises, discussion, practices, and shares that really connect you with YOU, so that: -Your cup is filled up & -You can share your abundance of strength, clarity, and peace however you please. You’ll be set up for success to take these learnings into your REAL WORLD so that you continue to expand putting yourself as a top priority. What if the more you love and care for yourself, the more you have to give? Are you ready for that overflow in your own life? ***What you’ll take away from this Playshop*** -How to create an awesome life by loving yourself -Knowing how your BODY fits into all of this -Permission to be who you really are -EASY practices to keep this Self Love train full steam ahead -Connection with others who honor the importance of you loving yourself “I feel calm, peaceful, relaxed, fulfilled and loved,” says Gabe, a Possibilities member. **Does this invitation excite you?** Can you imagine a life where you’re filled up, thriving, and so in love with YOU? Would you like to join us for an incredible afternoon of radical nourishment & empowerment to support you making this vision tangible? **Which of your friends would love this? Ask them if they wanna enjoy a self-love day with you, and we’ll see you all there.** “The space you hold is fun, nourishing, and transformational” -Jim House. About your facilitator: Kylie McConnell is someone that loves herself deeply! At 28, she has almost a decade of training and expertise in guiding Yoga, Breathwork, Tantra, Trauma Release, and Playing Life Full Out. Referred to as a Permissionary, the “Passion Goddess”, and a sparkling role-model for fun, playfulness, and joy….”Champagne Bubbles” they call her. She guides entrepreneurs, leaders and high-level executives to feel alive again by connecting to who they really are & putting themselves as a priority, so they can finally have the passion, intimacy, and fulfillment they desire. **You can work with her and other amazing “What Else Is Possible” junkies in the 6-month What Else Is Possible Collective, as well as 1-on-1 Personal Possibilities Coaching, Retreats, and What Else Is Possible LIVE events!** ~~~~~~~Price: Donation of your choice!~~~~~~~ Donations openly received with love. Cash, flowers, noms, juice, a love letter, etc. *Please* bring something(s) that would feel so good for you to give. Appreciate you! Doors open at 6:30. Please arrive on time! Text Kylie if you will arrive a few minutes late @[masked]. No one admitted after 7pm.


5949 Madra Ave · San Diego, CA