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Double whammy: The web as a monad and C# can be functional too!

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After some excellent talks and a lovely friendly evening at the last meetup we've decided to get this show back on the road. Come along and wallow in an evening of smart people talking about cool functional stuff as well as pizza, beer and easter themed goodies to line your stomachs. And what do I always say? Why have one scoop of functional goodness when you can have 2!

First up will be Luke Tebbs, a contractor and occasional trainer who has been programming in Scala for about 6 years. Luke has devised a technique and library to allow a programmer to define a user-interaction as an abstract program which can then in turn be used to derive a CLI, GUI and Web user-interface simultaneously. Cutting down on development time considerably, future-proofing code against changes in technology stacks and making it trivial to produce tests. During this talk you will learn about this library and how to use it.

Next in the whammy is Dave Mateer, a C# OO programmer who has been experimenting heavily with the functional side of C# for the last 9 months.
C# has gained more functional features over the last decade. This will be a beginners level 'show and tell' of Dave's journey so far. He will demo as much code and tooling as possible and finish with a real-world application.

We're at The Skiff, entrance in Blackman Street. Doors open 19:00 for a 19:30 start.

Afterwards there will be a jolly at the pub to have a nice chat. Tell your friends and come along! See you there.

30 Cheapside · Brighton