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Every 2nd Thursday of the month until February 13, 2019

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YYC Functional Programmers Unconference, from 5:30 to 7:30pm at Aucerna (formerly 3esi-Enersight)

Hey Functional Programmers,

This is our re-occurring Unconf (YYC.FP), every first Thursday of the month.

Please post your ideas upfront so we can organize ourselves accordingly. Ideas on what could be presented: a fancy library you have used, code-reviewing one of your project, discussing questions about new concepts... in short, anything FP related!

We'll meet at Aucerna, in the boardroom. There will be free coffee, a projector and a whiteboard. One thing to point out: the building is closed from the outside at 6, so make sure to arrive before then.


Matthias will be going through this code:

If you want to play around with it, you need to install ghc. Below are Matthias' instructions.

IMPORTANT: If you want to follow along in your computer during the meetup, please setup your environment beforehand. This way we can jump right into it and make better use of everyone's time! =)


People need to install ghc because the examples use some Glasgow compiler extensions. This depends on their system but

covers the most popular unix-like systems, ie BSD, Mac, various Linux distros. Most of the time it is as simple as using the native package manager. Users of OSX, Ubuntu or Windows should work.

Then they also need `stack`, which is the most popular build-tool for haskell projects. Installation and download instructions can be found on

in addition to the unix-like systems, there is a windows installer.

On unix-like systems, the binaries for stack are usually installed locally for every user in ~/.local/bin, make sure this is at the beginning of your PATH or at least before the system directories because they may contain system-wide variations of the same binaries, but usually older ones because the official distribution normally lag behind, quite often substantially.

For users of OSX, Ubuntu or Windows, everything can be installed at once from binaries, see

For Windows users, this seems to be the only way not requiring substantial effort.

Once ghc and stack are setup, clone the repository at

Go into the resulting directory and run

$ stack build

This may take a while, because stack will build a local copy of the ghc compiler in the project directory, as well as some of the dependent libraries.

For some readable documentation (though still working on it) run

$stack haddock --no-haddock-deps

followed by

$stack haddock --open misc-topics

which will open a browser window with documentation in html.