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Lunatech will be graciously hosting another Functional Rotterdam event.


18:00 Food and Drinks
19:00 Church of the Lambda — Thomas Meijers
20:00 Modeling Governance using Functional Programming — Francisco Arámburo
21:00 Drinks and Networking

More about the talks and the speakers:

Church of the Lambda — Thomas Meijers

Functional programming is a wonderful paradigm that has many use cases for creating reliable, extensible and fast software. However, in many cases learning this new paradigm can have a tremendous side effect; programmers that believe they have a monopoly on the truth about how programming should be done. This can take almost a religious form; hence, should you become a member of the Church of the Lambda? This talk explores these concepts including: What actually is functional programming? What constitutes the Minimal Functional Program (MFP)? How do you create abstractions and how do you balance abstraction in a team effort? What are side effects? And when to stop abstracting. This talk is of course biased, so be prepared to join the discussion! No previous experience in functional programming required.

Thomas Meijers is a passionate software engineer specialised in distributed & functional programming. His mission is to provide services that aim for a perfect balance between: pragmatism & quality, team & personal productivity and knowledge sharing & acquirement. To share this goal with the world he started Pureblocks, a software consulting and product development company. Besides business Thomas enjoys hacking on side projects, music, lots of reading, public speaking at conferences and Meetups and a good beer with friends!

Modeling Governance using Functional Programming — Francisco Miguel Arámburo Torres

We've been told that functional programming is also a great tool for modelling our business and our domains, and as a tool to reason about such things, but what does this really mean?; on this talk, we will actually analyse an example of such promise being fulfilled, showing the process you can use to further profit from FP; and on top of that, the example is in a very interesting and upcoming topic: digital governance.

Francisco is a self-taught functional programmer who has worked with big companies like TNT/FedEx, Audi and Veon, who has failed 3 startups on the fields of innovation and education, and who is currently leading a functional programming community called Lambda One, where he gives free workshops every week with the big mission of empowering you, the developer community.