What we're about

This is a group for anyone interested in Functional Programming. All programmers are welcome, regardless of your level of experience or background. We meet monthly and together we'll figure out how to rewire our brains to think and code functionally.

Functional Kubs started in January 2014 and has been going since.

Meetups generally begin with a programming challenge. You are encouraged to solve the problem in any language, ideally in collaboration with other attendees. After a break for some refreshments project a selection of the solutions on to the big screen for discussion.

From time to time we change the format to more of a talk/workshop, given by either a member of the group, or an outside speaker. We try to ensure that talks are tailored to allow for some element of hands on coding.

Follow @FunctionalKubs (https://twitter.com/FunctionalKubs) on twitter to learn more about stuff :D

We know it can be hard for new members of the community to feel welcome when they don't know anybody. If you'd like to come to our meetups but aren't sure, don't know anybody, or have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us, either via Twitter or via the meetup group's messaging options. We want this meetup group to be welcoming to everyone!

Past events (46)

September Functional Katas

Toast Offices

Functional Katas, Kotlin Special


June Katas @ Zalando

Zalando Dublin

March Katas @ Zendesk


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