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Welcome 2018 Functional Tricity #11

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Hello hAkkers!

Welcome 2018 with Functional Tricity and have fun!

Find new ideas for your hobby with awesome people, good beer and piece of pizza :D

6pm - 6:40pm "Boilerplate Free Free Monads with Freestyle"

Free Monad opens nice possibilities, especially for functional programming enthusiasts, but are they really free or is there some price to pay? Isn't boilerplate and accidental complexity present in types some kind of cost?
Can we get rid of it? Yes, we can, with Freestyle! But... is it for free?

This free talk will include or not, depending on how much time is left:
* simple service implemented with plain Scala Future
* the same service implemented with Cats Free
* Running Free!
* the same service again implemented with Freestyle
* short, sad story of red markers in IntelliJ Idea
* very quick look at trivial Free implementation

Speaker: Lech Głowiak

I'm just a programmer. Maybe there is something specific about me, maybe there is not. Come and check by yourself!

6:40pm - 7:10pm Networking break

7:10pm - 7:50pm "Shell Scripting Minus The Pain And Bit Rot."

Imperative Programming is interesting for toy problems, but I'm not convinced it's ready yet for real-world use. Therein lies the rub: all of us programmers have dirty glue code to maintain. Be it for code publishing, one-off tasks, and
other miscellaneous busywork. Our weapon at hand has always been a dangerous, stringly-typed interpreted language like Bash, but this no longer needs to be
the case. In this talk I will show you how to do interpreted yet reproducible scripting in Haskell. It's easy, it's practical, you're given access to a wide range of libraries not available in traditional scripting languages, and your code is always type-checked by the world's most advanced compiler.

Speaker: Jezen Thomas

Software Developer at Zimpler and founder of NewBusinessMonitor. I spend most of my time slinging Haskell, Elm, and Bash from my home in warm, sunny Gdynia.