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Topics: "Optics in Haskell" and "Observables - hot or not?"

New place!
New Scalac's office - Czesława Miłosza 9/9, Gdańsk

6pm - 6:45 pm "Optics in Haskell"

We will look what "optics" means and try to define different basic kinds of optics. We will examine different ways how to define a lens like "van Laarhoven" encoding as well as profunctor optics.

Speaker: Paweł Sączawa (Scalac)

Paweł is always curious how things work and why they were designed this way. FP apprentice, Haskell enthusiast. He is currently working professionally in Scala for Scalac.

6:45pm - 7pm --> Networking pizza! As always you can expect nice pizza and awesome people to talk to :)

7pm - 7:45pm "Observables - hot or not?"

Observables are yet another way to handle asynchronicity in JS.
You can think of them as Promises on steroids but there’s more to them than just that.
You can think of them as arrays whose items arrive asynchronously over time.
What can you do next with them? Let’s find out.

What you’ll learn:
• What observables are
• Different types of Observables
• Where you can use them and how to benefit from it
Level: Intermediate

Speaker: Krzysztof Trześniewski (Scalac)

Chris is a frontend developer at Scalac. He's been working with Angular since the first beta came out and he loved it. Since then he's worked with other major frameworks ie. React & Polymer. Chris is passionate about functional programming in JavaScript and loves working with RxJS.
In his free time he likes to drink good coffee and go climbing or jogging.

See you soon!