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Funtional Tricity #15 Applicative Functors&Haskell

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6pm - 6:45pm "Applicative Functors"
Everyone knows Monad but there is something also very useful and sometimes more powerful - Applicative Functors. I'm going to go from theory to real use cases where Applicative solved my issues.

Łukasz Marchewka

I have 12 years experience as a full stack software developer/architect. From 5 years mainly related to Scala language. Recently fascinated with Haskell language. Big fan of FP, everything what is reactive and DDD.

6:45pm - 7:15pm Networking break

7:15pm - 8pm "Be lazy on production"

Lazy evaluation, when explained in Haskell tutorials, is usually illustrated with some nice and simple (sometimes mind-bending) examples. However, when it comes to real-life applications, one can get impression that laziness is more a nuisance than an asset: it impacts performance and cause space leaks. In order to show that this is not an accurate statement, I will present a simplified version of a real-life tool that is used in Zettafox and by its clients for building machine learning models (precisely it constructs a so-called association rules), where lazy evaluation is a critical feature that significantly simplified our code (w.r.t. python implementation), opened it for easier customisation and allowed for much better parallelism.

Tomasz Tylec
Currently I work for Zettafox as a Research Scientists/Chief Data Scientist, previously I was an assistant professor at University of Gdańsk. I have a PhD in mathematical physics and growing passion for Haskell.